Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Links

Have a dancing cat gif. You need it.

Happy Sunday, everybody! Because Sunday is the day of laaaaziness, I decided I’d put a whole bunch of awesome things for you guys in one place. I’ll make it really easy for you to catch up on all the posts I did this week, check out some of the many great giveaways going on right now, and read a couple excellent bookish articles that came my way.

On the blog this week:

I painstakingly transcribed a tremendous chat on Gender inYA Fantasy between authors Leigh Bardugo, Cecil Castelluci, Javi Grillo-Marxuach, and Amber Benson, and gave you guys the chance to win signed books.

I read and reviewed Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes (WARNING: snarkiness and gif overload ahead).

I wrote my very first Literary PSA.


Twitter saved a bookstore! Huzzahs all around! (via Daryn Kagan)

Yet another great article on gender in YA books. (via Ilona Andrews)

Excellent observations on trends in YA cover (via Stacked Books)

Apparently these are the best book jackets of 2012. You may or may not agree. (via Book Page)

Vote for your favorite books, movies, and TV shows in the Hypable Awards

An article on the racism of YA covers (via YALSA) 

Epic Read’s Ultimate Gift Guide for YA Readers  (via Epic Reads)

Literary fashions for serious book nerds (I’m safely assuming that’s you) (via Flavorwire)

NY Times article on the diversity inside a children’s book

An interview with a bookbinder, aka BOOK PORN (via Publishing Crawl)

And another thinker-ly (it’s Sunday, don’t judge) article onrace in YA (via Wrapped Up in Books)


Win any one book from the Book Depositor to celebrate Young Reader’s gaining 1000 followers

The If IT Fits, It Ships! Giveaway from Evie-Bookish. Win up to ten books

Celebrate Read, Breathe, Read’s 100 followers by entering to win your book of choice from the Book Depository (almost typed that as Book Suppository… IT’S THAT KIND OF DAY)

Win probably some of my most anticipated ARCs from Lindsay Cummings (except don’t, because then I won’t win)

Enter to win a signed ARC of LET THE SKY FALL by Shannon Messenger

Do you want to win a signed THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT from my buddy Shelver? Of course you do.

Now let there be dancin' in the Shire.


  1. Welp. I just spent the last three hours reading about race/gender in YA. Not that I'm complaining. Thanks for the article links- Stacked Books was an especially neat site that I'd never been to before.

    1. Stacked Books always has really great discussions. And yeah, there are worse and less intellectual ways to spend three hours! I'm sure your brain hurt a bit, though.

    2. And apparently they're as obsessed with cover art and making (only sort-of useful) charts as I am. I appreciate that.


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