Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Shippy Awards: THE WINNERS

Ladies and gentleman, the victors of the first annual SHIPPER GAMES!

A huuuuge number of people voted for their favorite OTPs to triumph, which totally blows my mind. Thanks for loving fictional love as much as I do, and for getting way too emotionally invested in whether or not made up people make out! I love you guys. Keep being awesome. To see the other, bested nominees in each category, see this post!

The victors get THIS (TOTALLY REAL) TROPHY to display with everlasting, hard-earned pride until the end of their days:
And now onto the mighty winners! Drum roll, pleeeeeeeease...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Shippy Awards: Finalist Voting Rounds!

IT'S HERE! Over the last two weeks, tons of you nominated your favorite OTPs (and NOTPs) for the Shippy Awards, the ultimate battle for ship dominance! Now the nominees who garnered the most votes have gone onto this, the voting round, and now YOU can vote to choose which ships will reign supreme! (To learn more about each category, read this post!)

Only books published in the 2015 calendar year were eligible. Voting will remain open for ONE WEEK, meaning I'll be closing the polls at midnight PST on Sunday, December 20th! The winners will be announced shortly after.

And now... vote away!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

All the 2015 Books I Forgot to Review: Fantasy Pt. 1

Oh, 2015. Where did you go? Why are you leaving me so soon? Was I not good enough for you?

Ahem. It's December, which means it's time to look back on all the things I did not do this year, of which there are myriad, and quite a lot of it involves reviewing the books that the gods have been kind enough to bestow on me, because I am entirely not worthy. Allons-y.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Introducing: The Shippy Awards!

WOOO! So it's no small secret that I love ships. I go bananas for them. 90% of my favorite books have ships in them #bookmath. It's not that I don't like or want books without them; it's just that the books that have them make me so deliciously happy. They're my jam. And bread is always better with jam, ya feel?

Anyway, another thing I love is end of year superlatives. Also awards and awards shows. Also WINNERS and LOSERS and DEATH AT THE CORNUCOPIA and so I decided to throw all those things in a blender and come up with THE SHIPPY AWARDS. Like a year ago, I thought of this mad idea and brainstormed it with Meg and Christina, but nothing came of it because I am incurably lazy. Well...apparently not incurably, because here I am, finally doing it. There are a lot of bloggy awards for best books, or best cover design, and those are all legit, but here on my nonsense blog, we're doing ships. Because ships are life.

SO YES. Here, if you want, you can vote on your favorite ships of 2015, and the winning ships will get crowns and capes and romantic honeymoons to private islands off the coast of Brazil where they can snorkel and sparkle and procreate if they want, idk, to each their shippy own.

Only books published within the 2015 calendar year count. Also, you're allowed to nominate as many ships as you life, but you're only allowed to nominate each one once PER CATEGORY. It makes it a lot harder for me to tally up the results. Edit: just realized I have no way of tracking this, so honor code, please? Don't spam my form with nonstop voting for one ship por favor!

The top three to five ish (#bookmath) ships in each category will then move onto the VOTING ROUND two weeks from now, aka the round of bloodshed, where good ships die and the strongest ships rise triumphant. The winning ships will earn one of THESE:
A SHIPPY! Why yes, that is a drawing of a trophy that does not exist. IT IS THE MOST COVETED MADE UP TROPHY IN THE UNIVERSE. All the ships are ready to do battle over it.

Without further ado, the categories: