Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Introducing: The Shippy Awards!

WOOO! So it's no small secret that I love ships. I go bananas for them. 90% of my favorite books have ships in them #bookmath. It's not that I don't like or want books without them; it's just that the books that have them make me so deliciously happy. They're my jam. And bread is always better with jam, ya feel?

Anyway, another thing I love is end of year superlatives. Also awards and awards shows. Also WINNERS and LOSERS and DEATH AT THE CORNUCOPIA and so I decided to throw all those things in a blender and come up with THE SHIPPY AWARDS. Like a year ago, I thought of this mad idea and brainstormed it with Meg and Christina, but nothing came of it because I am incurably lazy. Well...apparently not incurably, because here I am, finally doing it. There are a lot of bloggy awards for best books, or best cover design, and those are all legit, but here on my nonsense blog, we're doing ships. Because ships are life.

SO YES. Here, if you want, you can vote on your favorite ships of 2015, and the winning ships will get crowns and capes and romantic honeymoons to private islands off the coast of Brazil where they can snorkel and sparkle and procreate if they want, idk, to each their shippy own.

Only books published within the 2015 calendar year count. Also, you're allowed to nominate as many ships as you life, but you're only allowed to nominate each one once PER CATEGORY. It makes it a lot harder for me to tally up the results. Edit: just realized I have no way of tracking this, so honor code, please? Don't spam my form with nonstop voting for one ship por favor!

The top three to five ish (#bookmath) ships in each category will then move onto the VOTING ROUND two weeks from now, aka the round of bloodshed, where good ships die and the strongest ships rise triumphant. The winning ships will earn one of THESE:
A SHIPPY! Why yes, that is a drawing of a trophy that does not exist. IT IS THE MOST COVETED MADE UP TROPHY IN THE UNIVERSE. All the ships are ready to do battle over it.

Without further ado, the categories:

Ultimate Ship Honors

Best Ship of the Year
Which 2015 ship was the KING OF SHIPS? The shippiest of ships? The ship that makes all the other ships look like pieces of ship?

Shippiest Book
Which book made your toes curl tightest and your knees buckle and your SWOONS SWOONIEST?

Best Author of Ships
This author knows their ships like no other. Who’s the one author you can turn to when you KNOW you need a good dose of shippy perfection?

Best Debut Ship

Which ship conquered the seas most effectively on its maiden voyage? Edit: Whoops! Seems there's some confusion in the voting. To clarify, I mean a ship from a DEBUT NOVEL, not just a ship that debuted this year. Sorry!

Best LGBTQ+ Ship
Which glittery gorgeous rainbow ship stole your heart in 2015?

What Makes a Ship

Hottest Hook Up
Hotchacha *swoons* *fans self*

Best Kiss
Which pucker up pleased you most perfectly?


Best “I Hate Your Face But Also I Want to Smash It Against Mine”
Which transition from hate you love did you hatelove best?

Best “Friends to Lovers”
And at laaaast I seeee the liiiiiight and it’s like the foooog has lifteddddd

Best “Yay for a Triangle That Doesn’t Suck”
Seth Cohen may think the triangle’s not a friendly shape with pointiness and sharp edges, but these books prove that’s not always true

Best Forbidden Romance
Which 2015 star-crossed Romeo and Juliet most deserve to have their stars un-crossed?

Omg seriously her lips are RIGHT THERE just EAT THEM OMG DO IT


(If you can’t figure out which genre your ship belongs in, just guess which one fits best! Magical realism, for example, probably goes in paranormal. Horror would go in contemporary or paranormal, depending on if there’s a supernatural element. I chose as broad of umbrella categories as I could.) (Also I realize sometimes the difference between paranormal and fantasy is negligible or slight so just go with your gut!)

(FYI if you put Lunar Chronicles ships in fantasy I will unceremoniously move them to sci-fi so just save me time and don’t)

Best Fantasy Ship
Which magically marvelous ship cast the strongest spell on you this year?

Best Contemporary Ship
These ships keep it real.

Best Paranormal Ship
This ship is my life now.

Best Science Fiction Ship

Best Historical Ship
Even in ye olden times, ships verily would shippeth

Fun With Ships

Most Un-Ship
Can we control-Z that ship?

Best Crackship
0% chance of occurring but 100% want it to

Best Friendship
This ship may not kiss, but they’re still platonic soul mates

Best YA Adaptation Ship

I may be totally biased here, but like, say there was a TV show with a blonde murder princess and…oh, I don’t know, a handsome curly-haired boy who helped her lead a pack of space children through an apocalyptic hellscape fraught with impossible moral dilemmas with fatal consequences…like, you would ship that, wouldn’t you? Not that I’m, er, trying to lead the voters. Um.


  1. ah this is the best idea!!

  2. I LOVE this idea but also hate it because WHAT ARE DECISIONS?

  3. I absolutely LOVE THIS! I totally didn't read enough books published in 2015, though. I need to make 2016 better!

  4. This is such a fun idea...but I'm looking back on my "Read It" List and it seems like I haven't read enough books that came out this year either. Gah! I so want to participate!

  5. I would love to see the results of this! I don't think I've read enough 2015 books to decide, but gonna try anyway. But... is this just YA books or all 2015 books in general? Just to clarify.

  6. That's simply a brilliant idea, and a very creative one, too. Haven't seen something like that anywhere else. I'm so looking forward to seeing the results!

  7. This is fantastic. I'm hope my nominees make it to the voting round!!


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