Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book Haul, or the One In Which I Display Uncharacteristic Restraint

Yep. That's right. Very few books this week. I deserve a medal, I do.

How weird is it that all the books have faces that are looking at me this week? Stop looking at me, books!


Asunder by Jodi Meadows
I really liked Incarnate, so it only made sense I'd eventually get around to its sequel. I purchased this for Alexa's Incarnate series Readathon, which you should totally all join!

Faking Normal  by Courtney C. Stevens
I am not too sure this is going to be my cup of tea (it seems vaaaaguely like a Speak knockoff), but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach
I forgot to mention this one the other week, but it was on sale and Christina, Jessie, Wendy, and many others were all raving about it and yelling at me to read it. So I got it! HAPPY, WORLD?

Ginger hopes you have a very pleasant and bookish weekend.


  1. YOU ALWAYS DESERVE A MEDAL. MEDALS FOR EVERYONE. I'm glad to hear you liked Incarnate. I bought it on a whim, completely convinced it would be a wildcard. It probably still is, but at least I know people who liked it. I've heard promising things about Faking Normal and Fortune's Pawn. I hope they are and stay good to you! Aw, Ginger. *pats*

  2. Screw blogger. Deleted my comment :( UNFAIR! Anyway. Lots of awesome this week Gillian :D I really loved Faking Normal. <3 So I hope you will too. Happy reading. <3

  3. Gingeeeer!! She's so adorable!!
    Asunder! Such a lovely cover and fantastic book! And props to you for your restraint!

  4. Ginger needs a manicure? O.o
    Fortune's Pawn is adult and adult sci-fi makes me iffy ._.

    1. I know. Her nails are really long, and she's getting them cut actually today. But also, her nails just ARE long. Like, they can't get much shorter than that because she has long quicks. :)

  5. Great books--but I've not heard of Fortune's Pawn...excited to see your review for it. That will help me decide if I want to read it or not. I've still not read the Asunder series. Really need to get on that since I've heard only wonderful things about it.

  6. I read Faking Normal last week and oh my goodness it was one of the best contemps I've ever read. It did remind me of Speak but only in the most basic way. The writing was Stunning. I am dying to read Jodi Meadows' series and in fact bought an e-book of Incarnate a few weeks ago. Hoping to get to it soon.

    Happy reading!

  7. Aaaahhhh Fortune's Pawn!!! Amazing, and I don't even like sci-fi. Hope you love it. :)

  8. I really enjoyed Incarnate as well! I actually got Asunder for my birthday last year, but it still sits on my TBR shelf. Maybe that's a hint that I need to join this read-a-thon!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy all your new pretty books, Gillian!! :)

    My StS


  9. I might be starting Faking Normal tonight. Not sure about it, because it's apparently like If You Find Me, which I liked but didn't LOVE. So I don't know. And I also got Fortune's Pawn! And the audiobook, since it was only like $1.99 with the ebook, so why not?

  10. I really liked Asunder, but not quite as much as Incarnate. Fortune's Pawn sound super good!

  11. Thank you for pimping the Incarnate Read-a-thon! I honestly can't wait for you to read Asunder and then Infinite, both of which just blew me away. Happy reading!

  12. I haven't read the Incarnate trilogy, but I've heard amazing things and the covers are gorgeous! I've heard Faking Normal is insanely good!! Happy reading!!

    PS: Ginger is adorable!! (Pretty sure I say that every time I stop by your haul posts.. But it's true!)


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