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Review: Rebel Magisters by Shanna Swendson

Rebel Magisters by Shanna Swendson
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Series: Yes, #2 in the Rebel Mechanics series
Release date: July 26th, 2016
Publisher: NLA Digital
Length: 304 pages
Source: purchased
Rating: OTP

Tea, Love ... and Revolution!

The Rebel Mechanics aren’t the only group plotting revolution against the magical British Empire. There are rebel magisters, as well, and Verity Newton and her magister employer, Lord Henry, know that the only way for the revolution to succeed is if both groups work together. A diplomatic mission seems like the perfect opportunity for them to meet with rebels in other colonies and gather support—right under the governor’s nose.

From drawing rooms, ballrooms, and the harbor in Boston to the streets of Charleston, Verity and Henry find themselves up against stubborn factions of both magisters and Mechanics and increasingly aware that they can only really count on each other as their relationship deepens. It may take a real crisis to unite the rebel movements and rally them to the cause—but could such a crisis also tear them apart?

My review of Rebel Mechanics

I looooved Rebel Mechanics, but let's be real: I was mostly there for the ship of dreams, much as I loved the world and the characters and most aspects of the plot. Continuing the realness, I was also mostly there in Rebel Magisters for the ship (SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP) but RM also managed to amp up the REBEL-Y aspects and the world building and the plot. I inhaled this book, and once I was done, didn't want to quit, and kept rereading the ending over and over like a very not normal person.
Overall this book is more cohesive, with a lot more SPY ACTION than the first, along with a SUPER ADORABLE SLOW BURN ROMANCE I'M GRINNING LIKE A FOOL RIGHT NOW

*presses pillow to face and squeals into it*

Okay. I'm better.

(I'm not. I'll never be better. Verity and Henry are life.)

Swendson has a habit of writingg high drama moments in a very low key kind of way, so this book doesn't always have the IMPACT it could. But that also makes it a very enjoyable read and a world I really like to hang out in.

There are a few mysteries I totally know the answer to, (ever since the first book,, really) (though it hasn't been revealed in text yet so I could be wrong but I'm so not) (HIGHLIGHT FOR SPOILER THEORY: THE GOVERNOR/KIDS GRANDPA IS SO TOTALLY HER FATHER). So while I've guessed most of the twists, I loved the plotty shenanigans in Rebel Magisters. The dials get turned further up. There's even more spying, and we get further into the mechanics (lolz) of the rebellion and the different tensions within the various rebel groups. Rebel magisters and rebel mechanics don't always get along, but Verity, who is both, has to somehow bring them together so they stand a chance against the Big Bad British Empire. At least she has help from Henry Lyndon mosT ADORABLE CHARACTER EVER I CAN'T I'M DYING *presses face into pillow and squees again*

No seriously. I'm cool. I'm fine.

I also liked how more depth is brought to other characters (Flora!!! My fave) and how we get to visit other cities and how SERIOUSLY AND UTTERLY BAD ASS VERITY, QUEEN SPY AND BEST REBEL EVER, BECOMES (and of course the slow burn of Henry and Verity aka Gillian dying a slow torturous death no seriously I am fine so fiiiiiine)
God, the wait for the next book is going to be HELLACIOUS, because yes, this is NOT the last book in the series, which is both YAY and NOOO I HAVE TO WAIT MORE. Whyyyy Shanna Swendson whyyy


  1. lol i need to read Rebel Mechanics!

  2. I've never heard of these books before but now I'm utterly desperate to read them!

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