Saturday, August 31, 2013

Book Haul (11), or the one with the HARRY POTTER SPECIAL EDITION

Best. Book. Haul. Week. EVER. Not only did I get a review book I was dying for (KINSLAYER!!!), but I decided to indulge myself and get... the Harry Potter Special Edition! Scholastic JUST released the boxed set this week, and because I have no willpower, I had to buy it. I'll give you a full tour of the books in my vlog this week, so you can all pretend you have it too.

Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff (thank you, St. Martin's Griffin!)
Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan
Note: for every copy purchased before Sept. 10, David Levithan will donate $2 to the Trevor Project. So go buy!!
The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater (thank you, Scholastic!)
Indelible by Dawn Metcalf (thank you, Harlequin Teen!)
Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge (thank you, Balzer + Bray!)
HARRY FREAKIN' POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Ahhhhhh, the Harry Potter Special Edition! I love that the spines create a picture of Hogwarts. It is sooo gorgeous. I am 95% tempted to buy it. (My Prisoner of Azkaban fell apart like years ago, so I should really replace it.)

    Thank you for vlogging the books! :D

  2. I really want to read Cruel curious as to how it will be. I have Dream Thieves and can't wait to start it. Such a great haul. And I love the new HP covers.

    My Friends Are Fiction's Showcase Sunday

  3. Awesome haul. Ginger is cute. The new HP Covers are nice. The Box Set is awesome in itself. Dream Theives is going to be awesome. Come visit me as well.

    Books of Love

  4. Oh my goodness I MUST have this boxed set. Put it on my wish list for Christimas (My grandmother shops early) I actually went with some friends to get the last book at midnight.I remember that night SO clearly.

    Cruel Beauty looks amazeballs.

    Here's my STS link:

  5. So envious of you getting Kinslayer and The Dream Thieves!

    And now I must HAVE the boxed series since all my HP book are different editions as I could find them!

  6. THE BOX SET! Ugh, it's so gorgeous! Love that David Levithan is donating to the Trevor Project. :)Cruel Beauty sounds amazing!

    Happy Reading!

    Sara at The Page Sage

  7. I WACTHED THIS VIDEO IN FULL 1080p! *flails*
    The box set is sooooooo gorgeous!

  8. Ah, lots of awesome. <3 HARRY POTTER :D I got that box set too. <3 SO gorgeous. Love it. And ahh. So jealous of print copy of Kinslayer! Hope you love it all :)

  9. Ohhhhhhh the HP set is GORGEOUS. WANT WANT WANT WANT. *pets*

    St Martin's / Macmillan IS the best publisher. The end.

  10. You're really generous, you know...first giving us a taste of Spain, then London, and now the freaking epicness that is the Harry Potter boxset. *drools and sighs* It is SO BEAUTIFUL. I've been saying for months that I think I should splurge and get myself a to-me-from-me gift for my birthday this year since it's a big birthday, but I didn't know what...and I MIGHT have to get this boxset. And since now I want to reread (re-re-read?) the series after seeing this, it would be the perfect time to get it. I'm kind of afraid to go check the price though since I'm in Canada and everything costs more here and it's probably expensive to begin with. If I can't afford it I'll just keep coming back and watching your tour lol.


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