Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Haul Vlog--Brought to You From Sunny Spain!

This vlog is different for multiple reasons. One, I usually post on Saturday, and, as you clever people have probably noticed, it is not Saturday. Two, I am coming to you from SPAIN! So instead of my normal backdrop of books and boring apartment walls, I have provided a beautiful ocean vista for you. Now let's all sip sangrias and talk about reading on the book. *slides on sunglasses*

As always, because my computer is EL WORSTO*, turn the volume alllll the way up to hear the audio.

Books mentioned:

The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle (thanks, ARCycling!)
The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater (thank you for letting me borrow, Carina!)
The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine (thanks, Balzer + Bray and Edelweiss!)
Vacation reads!
Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger
Ten by Gretchen McNeil
Once We Were by Kat Zhang
The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay
Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz

AND MANY OTHERS, including but not limited to: This Song Will Save Your Life, Steelheart, Boy Nobody, and Belle Epoque, because my favorite method of packing for vacation is to just bring everything. If you don't have variety, you get BORED. I need options! Who KNOWS what mood I'll be in? Serial killers on moment, Victorian zombies the next... I despise being limited. *igores the ereader and all the egalleys and 200+ plus Kindle titles*

I wish you guys were all here with me to enjoy the sun and the relaxation! Hope you all find a couple minutes to have a "fake-cation" of your own. Put on headphones, drown out the world, read a really escapist book--whatever you want. Give yourself that treat! :)

*I am aware this is not Spanish. Do not yell at me, or I'll throw you in the sea.


  1. It's so hard to be GillyB isn't it?

    That's why I want you to love me. FANCY ONE

  2. SPAINNNNNN!!!! Hope you're having tons of fun. :D And those books all sound like great vacay reads :)

  3. Gahhh

    You are TOO adorable. I want to visit Spain so badly. I am quite envious of your view. I love that you are getting to do a bunch of reading. I am REALLY bummed that you aren't liking Frozen much :( I've had my eye on that one for awhile. Oh and Ten definitely seems like one I would LOVE.

    Happy reading!

    1. Yeah, Frozen. :( Super bummer. But I really enjoyed Ten, and Spain is PERFECT! Hope you get to come one day!

  4. OF BEAST AND BEAUTY <3 Can't wait to see what you think!

  5. Ah that was so beautiful! Have fun!!

  6. OH MAN WHY AM I NOT WHERE YOU ARE? LIFE IS UNFAIR. Imagine the awesome vlog we can make when I am there. When is your birthday? I'm totally buying you a cheap webcam.

    Seriously, do you know people who live in Spain? Are you staying with them? Or is this a magic hotel of pretty?

    Supposedly The Promise of Amazing is instalove from hot dog choking.

    1. Ha! My birthday is in April. But yes, I must get a better webcam ASAP. I don't know why mine is so crappy.

      My whole family is Spanish! I'm staying at my grandparents' house. :D

      That... does not promise amazing things.

  7. I love SS&D and I really, really liked Ten, even though most people seemed to dislike it. The reveal of the killer surprised me a lot, which is pretty rare for me. BUT OH, Spain. I adore Spain. I lived there for a few years and I want to go back desperately.

    1. You lived in Spain?! That's so cool! Where? And I also really enjoyed Ten. Killer took ME by surprise as well!

  8. Just the fact you read Ten while on an island makes me want to kayak out to a little water island and read it just for the added creepiness.

    I hope you are enjoying Spain. I was able to do a huge USA Road trip (54 days) with my Great-Grandfather which was fun. I hope to save money to go overseas and explore Germany and Norway. (My heritage)

    Books Buying Beauty

  9. Yeah so, I wish I was there too! You're right on the ocean! That's amazing. Okay and all the books, all the books sound so amazing. Glad you're liking most of them, even if Frozen isn't going so great for you right now.

  10. <3 love the video :D SO jealous about Spain. Gah. I want some heat and sun too :) Glad you are enjoying it, though :D Love all the books that you got and are reading. I adored Keeper of the Lost Cities. <3 Found it to be pretty amazing. Sigh. Hope The Dream Thieves arrive soon :D Thank you for sharing what you got this week, and for Spain ;p <3

  11. The Promise of Amazing sounds GOOD, Gillian! Hope you love it.

    AND OMG YOU'RE IN SPAIN, WHYYYYY ARE YOU VLOGGING? *giggle* Have so much fun girl!

  12. Thanks for the mini fake-cation Gillian! I actually groaned out loud the first time you showed the view. Then hated you the rest of the times you showed it. *sigh* I NEED A HOLIDAY.

    I got The Promise of Amazing too. It sounds really cute. I'm glad you liked Something Strange and Deadly! I really need to get the sequel.

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer


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