Saturday, November 9, 2013

Book Haul Vlog, or the One With Champion and Assorted Swag

BOOKS YAY AND SWAG YAY I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO WRITE HERE YAY! Also my dog and her face (and her butt, unfortunately) make adorable furry cameos. Yayyyy.

Books shown:

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (thanks, Meg!) / My review
Weather Witch by Shannon Delaney (thanks, ARCycling!)
Enclave by Anne Aguirre
Champion by Marie Lu and assorted swag (thank you, PenguinTeen!)

Go here to watch the Champion trailer and enter to win a poster and tattoos!

E-galleys downloaded:

Exile by Kevin Emerson (thanks, Harper!)


Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman (thanks, Harper!)


Pretty good week, I'd say! Leave me your links so I can come visit you!


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  2. I got both of those e-galleys too :) Normally I don't like historical fiction but I've always been fascinated by the Holocaust.Needless to say I am STOKED about Prisoner of Night & Fog.Exile looks good too. Not sure when I'll get to it. Soonish I hope.

  3. Firstly - your dog is adorableee <3
    I'm so excited to read Champion! The swag is so pretty. And yeah, it definitely cannot be worse than Allegiant!
    I'm looking forward to reading Fangirl, I've heard so much about it.
    Awesome haul!

    My IMM

  4. Oooooo swaggy swag! The Prisoner of Night and Fog is what I'm reading right now - because I cannot seem to read things in order of release date. But whatever!

    Enjoy your lovelies!

  5. Those are the two books I picked up on Edelweiss too! Twins! And all the other pretty book are pretty too!
    My STS

  6. I have issues with dog butt all the time too. Shiloh's is ALWAYS in my way and she loves to have it scratched, so that's often.

    I did not like Weather Witch at all. I DNFed after like ten pages. I hated the writing.

    I love Enclave and Outpost but there is some problematic content in those novels. You'll see what I mean when you read them. :D

    Ginger is so cute at 4:45. LOL she wants attention!!

    And yay! I downloaded Prisoner of Night and Fog too. I cannot wait!

  7. Hi Ginger hiiiiiii. Gosh, she's especially attention-starved this video!

    Good luck with Weather Witch! It's okay and I liked it well enough (the publisher sent me a copy out of nowhere), but I generally haven't seen great reviews for it and all the criticisms are spot-on.

    I've got my fingers crossed for Prisoner of Night and Fog. It could be great and chilling or it could be a terrifyingly bad piece of historical fiction. BUT WWII. HITLER'S NIECE.

    Maybe I'm being ridiculous and entitled and all, but I think it's silly they sent you an ARC of Champion when you revealed the trailer for it and all so close to its release date. When it's that close, why not send a smooth, lovely finished copy when they surely have plenty? But whatever. It's really cool you got such a highly anticipated ARC that so few people have!

    PS don't eat Fangirl. Not a good idea.

  8. You got some amazing book. Hey your dog Ginger is awesome. She just wants attention. I liked Enclave and Outpost. Good haul of books. Ginger don't eat the books please

    Books of Love

  9. Awesome books Gillian :D Forever jealous of Champion swag. Fingers crossed for your giveaway. <3 hope you enjoy reading everything that you got :)

  10. YAYY! Your alliteration-y compliments are the best ever. I agree, Fangirl looks like delicious candy, so delicious Ginger wants to eat it.

    ENCLAVE!! AHHH I can't wait to see what you think. Horde was my favorite, but the whole trilogy is prett freakin good.

    Re: Champion, I cried. Also, definitely better than Allegiant.

  11. *coughs* *hacks* Anne Shirley may use an e, but not everyone does. Ladilalala.

    I am super extra jealous of Prisoner of NIght and Fog. COME ON, HARPER. Read it soon so I know how jealous I should be. PLEEAAAAAAASEEEEEE


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