Sunday, November 3, 2013

Book Haul, or the One With a Snuggly, Orange Book


No vlog today, as am lazy. So sorry. Here's a cute Ginger picture to tide you over:


Rags and Bones: New Twists on Timeless Tales with stories by Melissa Mar, Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, and more. Pretty cover is preeeeetty. Also, it has deckle edges, which a it annoying but fitting for a fairy tale anthology.


Adorkable by Sarra Manning, aka Debby from Snuggly Oranges' most favoritest book EVER. She would not rest until I and the rest of the book blogging world purchased/read this book! And it is, appropriately, orange.



The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna (thanks, Angie!) I have heard MAGNIFICENT things about this book. I am excited to finally read it.

Mind Games by Kiersten White (thanks, Angie!) I have not heard magnificent things about this book, but I got an e-galley of the sequel, and Blythe swears to me that Perfect Lies is way, way better, and I am foolish enough to trust her. (Listen to your mama, children--NEVER TRUST A BLYTHE.)


Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell (thanks, ARCycling!) There is a long and tragic story behind this book. I received an e-galley, and while I was IN THE MIDDLE OF READING IT, it expired. Heartbreaking stuff, really. But lo, I saw it on ARCycling last week, and huzzah! 'Twas mine once more! Oh, how reader and book celebrated upon reunion.


Bonus cute Ginger picture!


  1. "Never Trust a Blythe" should be my catchphrase. I also don't think you will like the sequel. But I want to see you read it anyway. Hehehe.

  2. Have you read other Kiersten White books? I enjoyed Chaos of the Stars a fair amount (for what it was) so I'm going to be giving Mind Games a try soon here as well in order to read Perfect Lies. I hope we both like them! *snuggles Ginger*

  3. I got Perfect Lies this week from Edelweiss but I need to read Mind Games first or else I'm going to be completely lost.I was going to try to get Goodbye Rebel Blue from ARCycling last week but then I realized I had way too many books and that was before getting fifteen books this week.

    Ginger is TOO CUTE! (Despite my paralyzing fear of dogs)

  4. I am dying to read Rebel Blue, Rags & Bones and Adorkable. SOMEDAY. I'm interested to see what you think of The Lost Girl because I really was not a fan. I adore Mind Games but it felt incomplete and they probably should not have split it into two books.

  5. Pretty dog :D She's adorable. Awesome books too. Have not read any of those, but they look pretty awesome ;p Hope you enjoy them sweetie. <3

  6. Rags & Bones, can't wait to read it :D Enjoy!

  7. I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hoping you're in the minority with me about Mind Games because I LOOOVED it!

  8. I haven't read The Lost Girl yet though I've heard amazing things. I hope you enjoy Adorkable :-) I've not read it but have seen Debby loving it on twitter. :-)

  9. Oooo a finished copy of RAGS & BONES! It IS pretty! :)

  10. The Book Pusher strikes again!

    I'm always on the fence about deckled edges - they look cool but they make me anxious that the pages don't line up....but it's surely pretty!

  11. Ginger!

    Oh hey, pretty books. I liked all of these that I have read. Also...ummmmmm...good luck with the Kiersten White book. Let me know if I should get out the popcorn.


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