Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, or the One With the Turkey on Monica's Head

Happy Thanksgiving, lovely, wonderful internet people! Even though a lot of you aren't American, I still include you in my Thanksgivaganza because I'm thankful for you, and you deserve happiness and pie, which if you think about it kind of is happiness, really.

I hope you get to spend today with someone you love, or that you get to eat something you love (I almost wrote that as "eat someone you love"--that you probably shouldn't do). Me? I'll be having a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my dad (we're going out to eat at a FANCEE PLACE--super nice not to have to cook this year, as it's just the two of us). But oh, will there be food. There will be so much food. Luckily I, like Joey Tribbiani, take Thanksgiving eatery real serious and always come prepared.

Then we'll come home and eat the homemade apple pie with creme fraiche ice cream I made. I will give deep and devout thanks that the Pilgrims and the Indians managed to make nice for at least a whole meal so that the apple pie could come into creation.

Then I will binge watch all the Thanksgiving Friends episodes, because you've got to have a tradition, right?

Because TBS loves me, they're running a marathon today of all the Turkey Day episodes, starting at 10 am! Don't miss it! :)

So happy Thanksgiving, awesome nerds! I'll be back either tomorrow with a review or Saturday with a book haul, depending on how deep my tryptophan coma is. Personally, I intend to eat so much that I swell up like an Aunt Marge Macy's Day Parade float.



  1. HAHA aww Happy Thanksgiving! I'm not American, so I don't celebrate it, but have fun!! And HOORAY for food and fattening yourself up XD

  2. Happy Thanksgiving sweetie :D Wish we did Thanksgiving too. Sigh. I love turkey, hih. <3

  3. Awwwww Happy Thanksgiving. I approve so hard of your gif choices. <3 you girl.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you'll enjoy the day and have loads and loads of yummy food!

  5. Fantastic gifs! I totally approve!

    Happy Thanksgiving Gillian <3

  6. Great post! I love all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes. Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-)

  7. Everyone should watch Friends Thanksgiving episodes on Thanksgiving!!!


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