Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren't Books) That I'd Like To Own

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I LOOOOOVE bookish accessories, so much so that I was completely incapable of sticking to anywhere near ten. While the number one thing I need is BOOKSHELVES (I don't currently have any and instead have a very precious wall of three foot high stacks, and it's getting a bit desperate), here's a handful of the bookish things I'd dearly love to own.

Marauder's Map print: My walls desperately require this.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" mug: I mean, it's true every day.

"Espresso Patronum" print: Quote possibly my most favorite item in history.

Time Turner necklace: If only it actually worked, right?

"Don't let the Muggles get you down" mug: Ron Weasley gives good life advice.

Ravenclaw Sorting Hat print: They've got them for every House, but I'm Ravenclaw, so this is the one I require.

Mr. Darcy ring: A fitting tribute to my love.

Darcy proposal mug: If I drink coffee out of this, it will almsot be like Darcy's actually proposing to me. (Apparently this exact model isn't available any longer, but I linked to a similiar one.)

Persuasion scarf of Wentworth's letter: One of my favorite moments in Persuasion (and arguably the most passionate piece of prose Austen has ever written) is Captain Wentworth's letter to Anne. And I want it on my body please.

Emma clutch by Kate Spade: I don't believe this is available any longer, which is a relief, because it was bound to be too expensive for reason. *covets*

Pride and Prejudice phone case: Why yes, I need this. I need this terribly.

Jane Austen band aids: Getting injured was never more of a treat.

Pride and Prejudice writing gloves: MY HANDS GET COLD, OKAY. It's totally reasonable to need writing mittens in Los Angeles. Practically a frozen tundra, Los Angeles is.

"May the odds be ever in your favor" print: I'm getting my own place in the coming months, and, I promise you, the walls will be covered in bookish prints. Possibly even the windows.

"Real or not real" bracelet: Is it normal for a bracelet to make you cry?

"I don't care if he's a fictional character..." pendant: I should probably get this tattooed on me somewhere as well. I want to buy EVERYTHING from this shop, particularly the "Turn to page 394" and "Their They're There" and pendants.

"Real" arrow Katniss pendant: Simple and beautiful and brb sobbing

The Darkling "Make me your villain" bookmark: OMG EVERYTHING THAT HEBEL DESIGN DOES. Particularly their jewelry inspired by Leigh Bardugo's Grisha series. I would spend all my monies here. All of them.

"Wise girl" ring: Annabeth is my homegirl, and I so want a ring that represents my favorite daughter of Athena.

A Tale of Two Cities clutch by Kate Spade: JUST TAKE ALL MY MONIES, KATE SPADE.

Book dress: Sadly, I don't think this is available anymore, but WANTS. I will hunt down any other book dress I can find.

Dictionary quote Toms shoes: My feet will be so well educated

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland tote: Bookish tote bags are the best tote bags.

Book tights: These are one hundred percent a life necessity.

iPhone book cover: Oh, if only I had an iPhone...

MacBookBook case: brb buying


"I'm fueled by coffee and literary rage" tote: LOOK! Someone made a tote about me!

Across the tub caddy: NEEEED. Do you even understand how completely this would change my life? IT EVEN HAS A WINE GLASS HOLDER. OMG.

Book pillows: They're so cute and pillowy! These would make a pretty good craft project, actually.

I have the now desperate urge to go shopping. I just need them. All of them. GIMME.


  1. Ahh, I also had the "Don't let the muggles get you down" mug on my list. So cute! And I love the wicked witch bookmark!

  2. Wow, you've found some excellent stuff. I want to buy it all. Especially loving those tights.

  3. I love the time turner necklace. And that's the coolest dress!

  4. Those band aids! That Alice TOTE! OMG, I'm in lurv!

  5. Yeah, I could use that "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" mug. xx

  6. I WANT IT ALL. But I desperately need that Darkling bookmark. And the Wise Girl ring. Loooove.

  7. I'm currently obsessed with tights, those tights you have is indeed a life necessity! Oh and that book dress is so adorbs! my top ten tuesday

  8. I love these - so many goodies. That Darcy ring is so pretty and I want it like right now :)

  9. I LOVE your list. So many cool things. I really like the look of bookish tights. Can't believe I didn't think of them.

  10. Make me drool why don't you!! OMG this list is so full of awesome, I just, I just don't even know what to pick out of it to explode with my love. I REALLY like that Real or Not Real bracelet. :) My TTT!

  11. You just did some serious damage to my bank account. These are all so neat! I especially love the scarf and gloves - adorable! The bathtub book caddy is a definite necessity; I had it on my TTT too!

  12. ZOMG. So many things. I don't even know what I love most. The fictional character pendant is near the top of the list though. :)

    Check out my TTT and current giveaways!

  13. OMG, that Book dress!!! *WANTS*

  14. I NEED that Darkling bookmark! And I realllyyy hope someone makes another book dress. Oh and those book times are most DEFINITELY a must. <3 Great post!

  15. These are all awesome, but I want a book pillow now!

  16. These are all awesome, but I want a book pillow now!

  17. First, you have the most adorable things on you list! That Jane Austen scarf is pretty! And the gloves! And the fictional character pendant? I love that and I want it! That dress! Love! And the tights! I would love a bookish wardrobe! And the tote bags! That laptop cover is beautiful! (I showed my Mom and she loves it!) And the iphone cover is wonderful! And the pillows! You have the best list I have read this week! :)

  18. Oh I NEED the wicked witch bookmark, that is the cutest thing ever! And never apologise for having to wear gloves, especially if they have Pride and Prejudice printed on them. Very inspiring list (as in inspiring me to shop!)
    My TTT

  19. Great list! Across the bath caddy, I NEED IT!!! That is going on my birthday wishlist and someone better buy me it or I might cry. That would improve my life so much! I am a complete Potterhead so yes, yes, yes to all lol ;) Here's my TTT.

  20. holy cow, i want EVERYTHING! wow. awesome awesome awesome. i need a darcy proposal mug. NEED. ~daphne

  21. I have the P&P infinity scarf and get lots of compliments, it is a cool conversation starter and test to see if someone is a book nerd. :) I always thought that a bath rack for your book was cool, but I don't really take baths. Maybe it would change if I could read books while doing it!

  22. I love that Ravenclaw poster and the Annabeth ring.

  23. I actually have a mug from the same person who did the Darcy proposal, but it's got the quote "You cannot be more than twenty, I am sure...therefore you need not conceal your age" - my mom got it for my twentieth birthday (obviously) because she is THE BEST. And oh my god alskdjfa;lskdfj BATH BOOK CADDY THINGIE!!!! I need it. I need it so much I might die if I don't go buy it. Like right now.

  24. This makes me droooool! *gross* I just can't help it!! <3 I so want the wise girl ring and OH MY GODS real or not real bracelet. *shut up and take my money now* lol.


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