Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting to Know You (Plus a Birthday Giveaway!)

Getting to know alll abooooout youuuu...

HIIIIII IT'S MY BRITHDAY TODAY. I am 23 years old, which is one of those weird in between birthdays that don't actually mean anything, other than the fact that I will spend the next eleven month of my life saying my own age wrong. AGE IS HARD. Anyway, I've been meaning to put together a personal, "Getting to Know You" kind of post so you can... well, get to know me beyond my opinions on shipping (highest form of being) and instalove (*hisses*).

Random Facts About Moi, Gillian, the Person Who Writes the Wrongs:

1. I love musicals, as evidenced by the title of this post, which is a reference to The King and I. I've probably seen about twenty or so on stage and a bajillion onscreen and a good quarter of my iPod is showtunes.

2. Disney. I like it, you know, a little bit. Just a tad. Disney movies, princesses, land, animation. You name it, I love it. I take pride in knowing all the lyrics in all of my favorite movies, which is most of them. If you made me choose a favorite I'd punch you in your most vulnerable body part, cry, and then reluctantly choose Beauty and the Beast, because it speaks to my soul. Also it came out the year I was born! SYNCHRONICITY.

3. I draw a lot and by a lot I mean A LOT. I've even got a Tumblr full of my fanart. It's what I do when I want to unwind and turn my brain off.

4. I also write. It's what I do when I want to get wound up and my brain won't shut the hell up.

5. I bake and I eat and I am basically in a very passionate, stable, and devoted relationship with food. I am a diehard foodie with an enormous sweet tooth, and I once conquered a meal that was seventeen courses. There is no food I will not try except for tomatoes, and I do really mean that. I have eaten bull's testicles and basically every organ that's edible. One of my favorite things to do is travel to exotic locales and eat simply everything.

 6. I am half-Spanish. Es la verdad. ETA: As my mother pointed out to me this morning, I am technically a quarter Spanish and a quarter Mexican. But whatever. Pretty sure all my genes are Spanish down the line.

7. Television is like a religion to me, as is pop culture. My favorite shows of all time are Gilmore Girls, Friends, The O.C., Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Veronica Mars, and ten more I can't think of right now. Favorite shows on the air: The Mindy Project, Game of Thrones, Castle, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Orphan Black.

8. I'm also a total movie buff, though I CANNOT watch scary movies of any kind. My favorite movies are the ones with 1) musical numbers 2) really excellent kissing 3) British accents 4) period clothing and/or 5) dancing.

9. Exercise of any sort is the bane of my existence, even though I played soccer very competitively up to freshman year of high school, when I realized that exercise was the bane of my existence.

10. I have a rescue mutt named Ginger and I swear I have never loved a living being more. She is part pit bull and the goofiest bundle of love ever, so if you bad mouth pit bulls in my presence, I will eviscerate you with glee.

11. I really really really really really really love coffee. It is the elixir of the gods and I wouldn't be able to word or brain without it. I am not to be approached in the morning until I have had at least two cups.

"and the walking and the words putting into sentences doing."

12. I have a twin. No, we don't have ESP. No, we are not identical; he's a boy. Unless he's been keeping secrets from me for 23 years to the day. That would certainly be a birthday surprise.

 photo WitchMountain.jpg
We can't do this, either.

13. I'm 23 years old today. There is actually nothing much different between being 22 and 23.

14. I am five foot two and I cannot get the spices off my top shelf without a step stool. I also have Cinderella-size feet, which obviously means I am destined to marry a prince one day. (Harry, call me.)

15. I've been obsessed with royalty since I was six years old and visited the Tower of London and learned all about crazy sexinating kings chopping off people's heads and getting married and then chopping off the heads of the people they married. I'm a total history nerd, especially when it comes to Tudor England or the last Romanov family.

16. If I were a student at Hogwarts, I would be Ravenclaw. If I were a demigod, I'd be the daughter of Athena. Or the goddess of cupcakes. Is there one? There should be. If I were a member of Tris' dystopian Chicago, I would be deceased.

17. I will never be okay with what happened to Finnick Odair.

18. I will never be okay with the whom Jo March ended up with.

19. I really like it when people use the word "whom" and generally consider grammar to be humanity's greatest achievement.

20. My middle name is Elizabeth, named after Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I have been both a booknerd and a Janeite since I was in utero. Clearly I was forced into this life.

21. I have spent all but one year of my life in Los Angeles, which means I am biologically incapable of handling weather of any kind.

"I'm a child of Southern California. I can't go out in this. I'll melt."

22. I know without a doubt that if I hadn't been part of the Harry Potter generation, I would be a fundamentally different person. I'm glad I'm not that person.

23. Blogging is the best thing I have ever done in my whole life, because it means I get to meet all of you.

Now you hopefully know me a little bit better! In celebration of my birthdayyyy, I'm giving away one of the following books, aka my best reads of 2014 so far:

Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Lady Thief by A.C. Gaughen
Ignite Me by Taherah Mafi
Any of the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan
A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller
The Unbound by Victoria Schwab
Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi
Cress by Marissa Meyer

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for making this blogging experience the best ever, internet people! I'd love to get to know all of you, too. Tell me three facts about yourself!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I basically love everything about this post and how much we have in common and stuff but I especially like "If I were a member of Tris' dystopian Chicago, I would be deceased." BECAUSE IT'S SO TRUE FOR ME I WOULD NEVER SURVIVE I WOULD BE DED DEAD. I hope you have a fabulous, fabulous birthday because you deserve it and lots of food and coffee and people being nice to you and books.

  2. ¿¿hablas español?? ehh?? ¡¡¡feliz cumpleaños!! Have a great day!


    1) I was almost a twin myself, but then my mom had a miscarriage and only I popped out. How's that for weird?

    2) I COMPLETELY agree with you on points 17 and 18. Just thinking about Little Women makes me angry.

    3) I write, too!! I loooooove writing, and epic fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction/fantasy/alternate history/basically any form of historical fiction are my favorite to write.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! And happy birthday again. =)


    PS: Is it weird that I know basically all of these facts about you. PLEASE THINK OF MORE ASAP SO I CAN HAVE NEW READING MATERIAL AND KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU.

    xxxxx times a million. kisses to Ginger, too. <333

  5. HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY! I loved getting to know you and other bloggers in general! ok three facts BOUT MYSELF
    1) I also know everything about disney and also most of the song lyrics. Basically kids movies are my jam even though I'm 20

    2) I look like I'm 16. The dentist constantly asks me where my parents are, and one time a hostess asked if I needed a kid's menu

    3) I have a love-hate relationship with writing. I love the accomplishment of writing, but I hate the process of it.

    again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have an awesome day!!!

  6. 1. I totally though to myself when I read the first line, "Is that from The King and I?" One of my all time favorite musicals!!
    2. Beauty and the Beast forever <3
    7. Television is a religion, especially Firefly (all bow down to Nathan Fillion)
    8. Also a movie buff here and so much nope to horror movies...watched the Grudge and had nightmares for WEEKS
    9. I personally like the tshirt that says "I don't run. And if you ever see me run, you should start running too. Because something is probably chasing me."
    11. I work at Starbucks...
    13. I'm 24, there's no difference between 23 and 24
    14. Five foot three - woot for shortness!
    15. I was convinced as a child that I was some forgotten princess...even today I still harbor suspicions about my parentage
    16. Umm, yes to all of this
    19. I LOVE using whom, especially when I'm trying to seem super professional and send "To Whom it May Concern"
    21. I've spent all my life in the Northeast and I STILL don't know how to handle snow
    22. Amen to that
    23. Double amen??

    1. Also happy birthday because I'm scatterbrained and left that out of the first post *throws confetti*

  7. Happy birthday, Gillian! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Okay, three facts about myself:
    1) I'm a huge fan of Disney, too!
    2) I'm named after my great-grandmother, and, unfortunately not the Jane Austen heroine.
    3) I have a rescue mutt, too, but he's a Sheltie-Pomeranian mix (we think).

  8. (This is Darith L)

    I am 19 years old. I'm emotionally invested to Korean dramas. My dream is to visit London and Paris. :D

  9. Hurray for food!! <333 I mean who doesn't? :D And if you love tv series with British accent and (good kissing) lmao and has music (well atleast songs from the 90's) I recommend you My Mad Fat Diary!! :D Happy 23rd birthday!! And awesome giveaway (those books are on my tbr and they all sound awesome!)

    1. Chocolates = life #1.
    2. Concerts = life #2.
    3. I love to workout and to dance :D

    HAHA setting aside the book facts anyway because I love books. We all love books!1! ;u;

  10. Happy Birthday! Go eat lots of cake!!! and get lots of presents!!!
    It was fun getting to know more about you....and now I'm curious as to where you were in the one year that you weren't in LA...

    1. I went to school in Ohio for a year :) Too cold for this California girl!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    I think it's really bad that I know ALL OF THE THINGS ABOUT YOU LISTED ABOVE. Good friend award! *points to self*

    Hmmm three things about myself...

    1. Every time you tell me you're going somewhere I try to convince my parents to shove me in your suitcase.
    2. I cannot wait for BEA and my second ever trip to LA this summer because I get to see you BOTH times! What is this good fortune?!
    3. I wish I had your cooking skills because yes. That is all.
    4. Also, idk what I could do without ya in my life <3

  12. Happy birthday! I hope everyone cedes to your wishes all day long.

    1. I turned 18 last week--which is NOT one of those meaningless in-between birthdays at all.
    2. I run the smallest library in my state.
    3. I want to write children's books when I grow up. If I grow up. Hmm.

  13. Happy birthdayyyyyy!!! I hope you're having a brilliant day full of books, presents, Ginger's kisses and baked goods!!

    Three random things about me:

    1.- Exercise? Nah, I do all the running I need at work when there's an emergency.
    2.- Baked goods are the best! I love baking, cupcakes are my fave things to make.
    3.- I wasn't very happy with Jo's choice either!

  14. Happy Birthday Gillian!

    3 facts about me...

    1) I'm a cookie decorator. My favorite cookies to make are ones based on books.

    2) I have two cats, one named after a bookish place (Northanger Abbey) and the other after a fictional person (Marcie from Charlie Brown)

    3) I, too, am a grammar fanatic. On my TTT this week I actually wrote a note about how to use the word unique. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.

  15. what whaaat I didn't know you drew! *follows tumblr*
    Also, I've always lived in the east coat. So I am used to extreme flip flopping weather. I get suspicious when it's nice out.

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have an amazing day filled with cupcakes, books and Disney movies ;)

  17. Happy birthday! I love how you put this post together; it was so fun learning more about you!!

  18. 2. Beauty and the Beast is the best one, but also it is mean to have to choose.

    5. This description of your relationship with food may be the most true and most Gillian thing you've ever said, but again it's cruel to make someone choose something like that. That gif is amazing. And basically how I feel about meetings.

    8. A Room with a View fulfills all but musical numbers. IMAGINE IF IT HAD MUSICAL NUMBERS.

    9. Fuck running.

    10. The fact that you are capable of evisceration with glee is one of your secrets.

    16. I nominate you Goddess of Cupcakes. Bahahaha, if I were in any post-apocalyptic/dystopian wtf scenario, I would be deceased.


    I think I actually knew all of these things. I WIN. Hopefully what I win is a cupcake.

    Oh god, three facts about me. You already know like a million. *scratches head*

    1) I got picked on for my hair in elementary school. By fifth grade cheerleaders when I was in second grade. Yeah, we had cheerleaders in elementary school, though I don't know why.
    2) I finally discovered a tea that tastes good: cinnamon tea.
    3) I like meat with as little fat in it as possible. Except for bacon, which is basically made out of magic instead of fat.

  19. Hello! And happy birthday! So, 3 (basic) facts about myself:

    1) I'm 14!
    2) I have 1 younger sister (12) and 1 younger brother (10)
    3) I'm a ninth grader soon to face final exams on May!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day and OMG (even though you're not identical but) YOU HAVE TWINS?! Does he have your personality because life would be so much better if there's someone who's like you x)
    Once again, happy birthday! Enjoy your 23rd!

    Facts about me....
    1. I'm an English major at college but I actually have passion in psychology.
    2. I don't like coffee. Don't hate me, G! Their smell is heavenly but I just can't enjoy them. Maybe there's something wrong with my tongue.....
    3. I can't get fat! Great metabolism, I think? No matter how much I eat, my weight will always stay at this current number. Something to be thankful of :D

  21. Happy birthday! Also, we need to be best friends - stat! I am a lover of ALL DISNEY! In fact, my college graduation present was a trip to Disney World. No shame. I went to dinner at Cinderella Castle with all the princesses in attendance - minus Jasmine for some unknown reason. But the I came across her and Aladdin in Epcot and stood in line. Musicals ARE the best thing ever and I spent the weekend having a Veronica Mars marathon to prep myself for the movie! Also, let's get together and fangirl over Tudor England and the last Romanov family. We can watch The Tudors and Anastasia - the animated one with Meg Ryan and John Cusack of course.

    But three things about me unrelated to yours:

    1) I have a German Shepherd named Bentley and I have to agree that I didn't know it was possible to love an animal this much. I just want to squish is face!

    2) I graduate college in 2010, but still have yet to find a job in my chosen field. But I'm working, so that's good

    3) I find life to much more interesting when randomly bursting into song.

  22. Happy Birthday! :)

    Awesome facts :D

    Well,three facts about me :D

    1.I love,love chocolate.
    2.Just like you I love to read history,especially about Tudor England and War of Roses.
    3.Paranormal is my favorite genre

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    All the best :)

  23. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day! :)

    1. I'm a Disney fan, too! I honestly don't think I'm able to list just one favorite, but if I had to list a top three it would be... Mulan, Tangled, and... either Frozen, Beauty & the Beast, or The Little Mermaid! But if you add Pixar into that, it gets about ten times harder! (Um, Cars and Brave?) ;)

    2. I used to draw a lot, but in the past few years I have not been drawing like I used to. I'm trying to begin to draw more this year, I miss it!

    3. Even though I love YA a lot, my heart belongs with Middle Grade books even more than YA books! :)

    That was a fun question to answer! And again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  24. Happy Birthday!!!!! 23 is kind of an odd year, but it gets you that much closer to 25 and then you can rent a car. I guess that's the cool thing about being 25? I haven't used that privilege yet though...

    So, 3 things about me:

    1. I'm the same height as you and have all the same problems. My tall BFF just started hanging out with this really tall guy and she was commenting on how weird it was to have to look up at him when talking. I said "welcome to my life everyday." I know you can relate.

    2. I did musical theater for over 12 years and still wonder if I should have tried to land a role on Broadway.

    3. I used to dance in a Hip Hop crew. I was the short white girl and it was glorious!

    I guess for your next birthday I should sing you a song from a Hip Hop musical, after writing it, of course!

  25. Happy Birthday!!

    1. I'm married to a 6 foot tall man and I'm 4'10. It's nice having a tall man around to help me reach stuff.
    2. I have a full back tattoo of a pirate ship
    3. I'm addicted to Star bucks frappuccinos

  26. Happy happy birthday!

    We are instant Disney-best-friends. I know all the songs too and besides being a bookworm, people now me as the Disney geek (and I'm proud of it ;p) Beauty and the best is my favorite tooo <3

    I can't wait scary movies either. They give me nightmares and I get really jumpy in the dark after seeing them. I do love a good TV show :D I'll be getting 23 years too in about a month! And I'm a Ravenclawer as well.Finnick </3 I can't imagine my life without HP.. and blogging completes me :)

    1. And I'm terrible at writing comments on my phone. I'm ashamed of all the mistakes, just pretend they aren't there :D


    Let's see, three facts about myself....

    1. I rent out jumpy castles for my day job.
    2. I, too, will never be okay with what happened to Finnick!!!
    3. I live in Oklahoma, so I've pretty much been through every type of weather, except for Hurricanes and Tsunamis because if that happens here, the world is def ending.

    Hope you have a great day girlie!!!!!

  28. Happy Birthday, Gillian! The King and I song was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title hehe, loved that movie!

    And yes, JO! I remember reading the pages again and again to make sure I didn't interpret that wrongly.

    1. I am also 5"2"...
    2. I am currently struggling really hard with 3D animating. Why did I think this was a fun class???
    3. I only discovered chai lattes recently and I am addicted :D

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Happy Birthday!
    1. I'm a vegan and have been for 9ish years. Before that I was "semi-vegetarian" for 14 years.
    2. I just turned 37, my husband is 38, and sometimes people think I am his daughter. He is not amused.
    3. This post was fabulous, and now I know for sure that I like you, because you seem awesome. (I am super ticked I didn't get to meet Gaston when I went to Disney World last month)

  31. YEYYYYYY!!! Happy Birthday :D And highfive HP generation! And Ravenclaw! Let's be bunk buddies at Hogwarts mkay? :D

  32. Happy Birthday. I also couldn't imagine myself as a person if I never read harry potter or ya. We have the same middle name, but it is super common.

  33. Happy Birthday!! :)

    1. I love working with children.
    2. I am a huge Scooby-Doo fan.
    3. I want to become a CSI.

  34. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! :D IDK i don't like bithdays, i'm only fifteen but i don't want to become an adult :'( hahahah
    An Thank you for the giveaway :D

    1- I have a twin, but she's a girl, and she's my best friend in the entire world
    2-I LOVE Frozen and Tangled with all my heart, they're one of my favourites movies EVER.
    3- iF i studied at Hogwarts i would be Ravenclaw. if i were in "Divergent" I would be from Erudite and if i were a demigod, I'd be the daughter of Athena. :D I don't think i'm very intelligent hahah but i made test on internet and that were the result which gave me :P

    PD: The giveaway is international?

  35. Let me correct you there - you are 23 years YOUNG lol. OH I so know what you mean. My birthday is in a week and I'm probably going to be calling myself my current age for about 6 months until I finally remember that I've flipped a number up. Happy birthday! I too have a rescue pibble and he's my baby so no badmouthing pits here :)

  36. Happpyyyyy birthdayyyy to youuuuuu!
    1. I was born and raised in the Midwest, which basically means I can handle any weather besides anything that tops 105(I much prefer Winter and Autumn though).
    2.I didn't get into books until I was about in 5th grade, but know I don't know what I would do without them. Also: totally agree with you on 17 and 18. however, am I the only one you felt even sorrier for Anna? Or is that just me?
    3. I lurveeeee food. Specifically, cheesecake which I make at least once a month to satisfy my sweet tooth.
    BONUS: I also have a twin. She's a girl though.

  37. Three facts about myself are:

    1.) I love reading.
    2.) I love dogs especially the ones we have.
    3.) I love my family.

    Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  38. Happy birthday again, my dear friend! :D As for three things...

    1. I was born in the US, moved back to the Philippines and then came back to the US in 2010. FUN TIMES.
    2. I too am obsessed with Disney. I still believe I'm a Disney princess waiting to happen, by the way.
    3. I cannot go a week without going on a cleaning binge. Seriously.

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 23, whoot!

    Three things.

    1. I play the Violin.
    2. I have a degree in Criminal Justice that not many know about.
    3. I am a HUGE Marvel fan as well as a Trekkie. :)


    Some facts about me:

    1. I'm the only tall and skinny member of my family (it hurts)
    2. I really think deadpans are cool

  41. Happy Birthday!! :D

    1. I love to read but I hate writing because I suck at it. Plus, I have the worst vocabulary.
    2. I can't stand when people type words all wrong like "wif." It's so stupid. -_-
    3. I LOVE Kdrams! I'll never get tired of them. <3

  42. Happy birthday Gillian! :D

    1. I am OBSESSED with murder and serial killer documentaries and shows. Yes, I'm weird.
    2. I am 5 feet 2 like you so I feel your painnnn! EVERYONE else I know is taller than me. ;~;
    3. I have a short attention span. One moment I'll be listening in class, the next I'll be thinking about something else, then wake up from my daydream three minutes later, thinking wait, WHAT HAPPENED?!

    This post was so much fun to read! :-)
    Okay. Three me facts:

    1) I won't watch or read a movie/book unless it ends with Happily Ever After. I do not want the sad.
    2) I took tap, ballet, jazz and lyrical classes for 8 years.
    3) I'm allergic to animals, which is so sad because I'm a huge animal lover.

    Oh, also, I for some reason posted the link to my Tweet in the how do you follow section of the rafflecopter. I am smooth that way. Anyhoo, I follow via email :-)

  44. Happy 23rd Birthday!!!
    I laughed so much while reading this post. Especially on #12. Haha.
    3 Facts about me:
    1. I am an engineering student.
    2. I haven't watched Toy Story, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, etc.
    3. I want to be an astronaut.

    Thanks for this giveaway! Happy Birthday again. :)

  45. Happy birthday!!
    I'm 23 too and still in denial that I'm aging gracefully! :D

    1- I'm a huge cricket fan and obsess over the New Zealand cricket team.. and anything to do with New Zealand
    2- I'm nocturnal
    3- I can tell when it's going to rain better than any weather report thanks to my over sensitive nose!

  46. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! <3
    Here are three facts about myself:
    1. I love Disney, too! Especially Disney princesses... oops? They were my childhood!
    2. I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and I'm hoping that maybe someday the TARDIS would land infront of my house.
    3. I am part of the minority of the world's population who likes Math.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  47. This post was so fun (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) with all the gifs and fun facts about yourself! Some facts that I actually relate to quite a bit…
    1. I too heart Disney, movies (except scary), baking, writing, and drawing. (Btw- Your art is AWESOME! Get a Deviant profile now so I can fan them all!)
    2. MY TWENTY-THIRD BIRTHDAY is Saturday and MY MIDDLE NAME is Elizabeth. 0.0
    3. My name is Joni and I think we should be friends… ^^

    Thanks for the giveaway! I hope to getting to know you more and that you're birthday was wonderful. ^^

  48. Happy birthday! Yay!

    1) Musicals! (Les Mis, Newsies, etc. etc. and so forth) Disney! (Beauty & the Beast, Mulan) TV! (Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Freaks & Geeks... I'm a sucker for canceled shows) Movies! (I have a GRADUATE DEGREE in film and I still can't handle horror movies) Food! (sugar addiction, bivalve shellfish allergy) Books! (The Hobbit and Persuasion ftw) Writing! (although I haven't really put that certificate in creative writing to much use...) Music! (my husband and I sing folk songs together)

    2) Half-Korean = making yummy Korean food from scratch, watching K-dramas without subtitles, having extremely adorable quarter-Korean kids

    3) Boo: exercise (unless you count walking?), Finnick Odair (NOOO), Jo March (LAURIE WHYYY). Yay: EAST COAST (although I admit CA weather is exceptional), short people (5'2!), coffee ("I like my sugar with coffee and cream"), grammar ("This is just the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put"), rescue dogs (my greyhound Blizzarex says hi to Ginger!), royalty (Lady Jane Grey hollaaa), Harry Potter (Ravenclaw!) and greek mythology (Athena!) - I'd like to think I'd be Erudite, but, yeah, honestly I'd be totally dead

  49. Happy Birthday!!!!
    1. I taught myself how to knit when I turned 30
    2. I love dark chocolate
    3. Mt. Dew and Krispy Kreme are my guilty pleasures

  50. Happy Birthday!

    3 facts about me: (1) I, too, LOVE LOVE LOVE Gilmore Girls. I'm obsessed with it. (2) I have 3 kids under 6. (3) I love to read. =)

  51. Hmm...three facts...
    I love anime...and disney movies...and well, really anything that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.
    I hate cleaning...and doing laundry.
    I have a ridiculously spoiled puppy named Valek, yes for those who recognize it, he's named after the assassin in Maria V. Snyder's study series.

  52. My parents didn't give me a middle name, I always wanted to be Aurora, and I hate salad!

  53. Happy Birthday!!
    Three facts about me:
    1. I love animals. I have a cat, two dogs, and a guinea pig.
    2. I love music! Metal is my favorite.
    3. I love Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

  54. Happy Birthday Lovely! I hope you have/had the best birthday yet. Thank you for giving us a gift even though we should be giving you one instead.
    Three Facts:
    1. ~ I watch Gilmore Girls every morning on ABC Family.
    2. ~ Reading brings me more happiness than anything (other than my family)
    3. ~ I was named after a horse. (Misti) :(

    Thank you once again!

  55. FINALLY getting around to your birthday post. Great heavens to Betsy.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Also very pleased with myself that I knew all of these facts except the Spanish heritage.

    1. I like pepperoni slices by themselves. Not on pizza. Not even really in sandwiches. Just by themselves.
    2. I didn't read "real" YA until probably my junior or senior year in college. Until then, I read MG and Christian lit.
    3. I know Taylor Lautner's grandparents. They're very nice people.

  56. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!! *shoves cake into your mouth*

    Hmmm 3 facts?

    Numero Uno : Books and TV Shows are essential parts of my daily life
    Numero Dos: I agree that the Mindy Project is an amazing show.
    Numero Tres: I can't really speak Spanish (SHH!)

  57. 1. i like disney movies too!!! My sister's kids lives with my parents and i and i have a 3yr old so disney and cartoons is always on t.v..
    2. there are too many places that i want to visit like--New Orleans, florida, california-(all),maryland, canada, other countries, Washington, new york..and on and on.. not much into classical books..
    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a good one!!!!

  58. Happy (late) birthday!

    1. We share the same birthday! I'm also born on the 8th.
    2. I have a THG fanpage...
    3. I ate tres leches for my brithday cake :3.

  59. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! YAAAAAAAAAY! 1. I am a book blogger too! CHEERS! 2. I hug my books a night, talk to them before going to bed and kiss them when I'm done reading them.. I know, i'm weird. 3. I am an aspiring Disney Princess. somewhat like a Mulan type of girl may work... But yeah.

  60. How are you only 23? You're one of the funniest, wittiest, and smartest book bloggers I know! No one is that intelligent at 23! (or maybe I was slow, because *I* certainly wasn't that intelligent, or entertaining, at 23).
    Also, yes to everything you just said. You are clearly made of awesome and if I didn't despise LA so much, I'd come visit just to hug you (and make you good coffee). (<--raised in San Diego, but the worst years of my life were in Long Beach & Anaheim)

    "Or the goddess of cupcakes. Is there one?"
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that falls under Hestia's dominion. Goddess of the hearth = goddess of the oven = goddess of the baked goods.

    1. Oh, wait, there were only 2 facts about myself there.
      #3. I love Doctor Who, but I'd want a TARDIS that could take me into the whole of space, time, AND FICTIONAL WORLDS FROM NOVELS. This is also known as, if I were on Star Trek TNG, I'd spend all my time in the Holodeck, with it programmed to be the living embodiment of my favorite novels.

    2. Awww, thank youuuu :D But HA! We do NOT consider Long Beach and Anaheim part of LA! No, no, no.

  61. Happy belated birthday! Definitely LOLed twice during this post. You're funny. ;)
    Facts about myself: 1) I stopped drinking caffeine almost 2 months ago. It's been hard and sometimes I'm surprised that I don't randomly fall over at work and nap. 2) My book collection has doubled since I last moved and I'm moving this summer and I'm scared. 3) I am also a member of the Harry Potter generation, and am also a Ravenclaw.

  62. 1. I recently started blogging. Haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet.
    2. I am TERRIFIED of roller coasters.
    3. I love Classic Lit.

  63. 1. OBSESSED with reading
    2. Love doctor who the tv show
    3. Scared of heights

  64. A belated happy birthday! And awesome getting to know you post! :D

  65. Ohhh Happy Birthday!!! :) I love this post- so fun!!! But FINNICK. Curse you Collins.

    1. I love mint stuff! Minty candies, ice cream, chocolates... YUM
    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE rollercoasters and thrill rides!
    3. I have 6 bookshelves- and need a 7th one.

  66. Happy birthday!
    1. I love Castle too!!!! I watch it every Monday night!
    2. I can't find anyone in the universe with the name Jacquie spelled the way mine is
    3. I'm a Pinterest Addict and currently following you on it!

  67. Happy Birthday!

    1. I am the shortest person on both sides of my family and wonder why I was deprived of the tall gene all the time.
    2. I can balance 32 quarters on my elbow and catch them all with the same hand.
    3. I got carded at the public library once; the security guard thought I was cutting school.

  68. Oooh, I agree, I will NEVER be ok with what happened to Finnick. Poor, lovely, beautiful, amazing Finnick.
    And I love the word 'whom' too! :)

    Happy birthday for the other day! I hope you had a great day :)


  69. Heading into my 24th birthday in a couple months, I can tell you that 23 will continue to feel like you're the wrong age. I'm constantly saying that I'm 24 or 21 (because 22 never really existed either).

    1. I completely agree with you about Jo. I mean seriously?! WTF Louisa?! Amy was the worst.
    2. I have a tv addiction. It's a problem. I am currently watching OUAT in Wonderland which I thought I didn't like, but after this episode I am reconsidering my position on the matter. And also clearly not going to sleep until 5 in the morning.
    3. My deliberation process over favourite Disney movies would be pretty much exactly the same, and come to the same conclusion. Although I stand by the opinion that the Beast looks weird as a human. Good thing I'm not watching it for good looking cartoon men (that award would go to Shang from Mulan)

  70. Happy birthday!
    You and I have a lot in common despite our age difference haha :)

    1. As much as I wish I was both, I'm more of a TV person than movie. I can sit down and watch three hours worth of episodes but committing to a 1.5 hour movie? Requires more willpower.
    2. I love love love love love love LOVE Disney. I want my first date to happen at Disneyland (despite being from Australia), I want to be proposed at Disneyland, I want my future children to grow up with Disney... I just love Disney so much so I completely understand where you're coming from with that.
    3. I am incredibly interested and love screenwriting. I could spend hours researching how to write/format a screenplay, reading screenplays and about screenwriters.

  71. 1. I hate breakfast at breakfast time, but after the morning I could live on breakfast foods :)
    2. I can write in Elvish
    3. I've never met an author that I like :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  72. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    Some facts about me:
    1. I have a twin brother too! I can also never give a straight answer to anyone who asks me when they find out about him if we're identical. And I totally believe that they deserve to be messed with.
    2. Lori is short for my middle name. I never go by my given name unless it's for something official, like taxes and credit cards, and only a few people know what Lori is actually short for.
    3. I will never ever ever be able to learn when I should use who and when I should use whom. I've learned to accept this about myself and I hope it won't make you hate me.
    I hope you had a great birthday!! Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  73. Happy Belated Birthday Gill! How on earth did I not see this posts days ago, I'll never know! :O
    -I hand-make cards when I'm in the mood, especially in the Summer and over Christmas.
    -I enjoy watching really bad films, like Dogma, because they're so bad, they end up being so fun.
    -I watch a lot of TV, especially game shows such as Pointless, The Chase and Family Fortunes.
    Thank you for the giveaway hunny! :D


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