Monday, February 22, 2016

Let's Catch Up: What I've Been Reading (Or More Accurately, Haven't)

HI GUYS! Things have been busyyyy in Gillian-land lately. Nothing terrible, just mostly tiring, which means my reading has...well, it's gone kaput. I'm going to blame The 100 for returning to air and sucking up all my emotions and dominating the part of my brain reserved for fictional investment. (That and binge watching Grey's Anatomy because oh my god you guys I ship Alex and Meredith so hard I am such ship trash GOD HELP ME BUT I WANT IT)

I mean honestly, look at them

Anyway, it feels like it's been a while since we had a good CHAT about books and life, aka just books because hahaha what even is this life you speak of?

SO MANY BOOKS CAME OUT THIS THIS MONTH, and I feel like I've read none of them. Every month I put together my Looking Forward feature, and every month I'm like "THIS IS THE MONTH I WILL READ THEM ALL, I will use this as a GUIDE and I will FOLLOW IT NOBLY, I will READ ALL THE BOOKS AND CLIMB EV'RY MOUNTAIN AND THE NUNS WILL SING". And then all of a sudden it's the next month, I haven't read any, and I'm putting together a new Looking Forward feature, which I should rename Looking Failureward.

I've enjoyed the few books I have managed to read this month. Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace--EXCELLENT voice, nice creeptastics, sublime writing, A+ bi and Asian American main character, some hinky plot stuffs. Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie--RUSSIAN FANTASY AHH. These Vicious Masks which I raved about in my review here. Other things, I'm sure... right? I did read other things, right? Oh sweet BELLAMY.

Oh, right, and I read Stars Above, and by Stars Above mean I skipped immediately to the Winter epilogue and read exclusively that.

Besides being busy and doing a lot of CREATIVE STUFF that essentially zaps my brain into "I am only capable of watching TV" mode, another issue I've been running into is... what do I read NEXT? Not because I'm without options--Karev knows I'm drowning in options--but mostly it's like, WHY WON'T ANYTHING GRAB ME?? I finished These Vicious Masks and loved it so hard, and then I did what I normally do--start a whole bunch of books at once--and waited. I've talked about my reading muses before, but basically I wait until one of my books reaches out and seizes me and refuses to let me go. Rather like me and this Shonda-damned ship oh my GOD sweet TORMENT

h o n e s t l y
 I thought Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell would be that book, but I unfortunately think it's the book responsible for slamming me into so vicious of a slump. And not because it's bad! I'm not trying to rag on Unhooked, which has Captain Hook as a love interest so it's already working on at least that level. I think it might actually be a very fun book.

Or at least, I feel like it SHOULD be, and for some reason I'm just... I don't knowwwww. I'm sure you guys know this feeling, where you're reading a book and you know it could be GREAT but it's just not everything you dreamed it could be/you want it to be/that BY MEREDITH ABOVE IT HONEST SHOULD BE IF THERE IS ANY JUSTICE ON THIS RHIMESIAN EARTH, and so you just get kind of MEH and keep putting it down every few pages to go troll the Merlex tag on Tumblr have a cookie instead.

Try to tell me this isn't a ship. JUST GO AHEAD AND TRY TO TELL ME.
(I heard you try but I did not listen)

But I miss reading. I want to get back in the GROOVE, YO. I've just started Glass Sword, and I'm hoping the utter addictive crack quality of this series and the high action and angstical ship goodness will shatter this muck of a slump I'm in, and I've got Rebel of the Sands in the wings, because I am 100% CERTAIN it will be another Gillian crack read.

So I guess the only medicine, really, is to wait until you're in the mood, until you're jonesing so hard for fiction that you can't fail, and then hit yourself with whatever genre it is you love best--which for me will always be magic and bloodshed and rebellions and kisses and Girls Fucking Shit Up (TM). Also, sequels are a failsafe for getting me out of slumps , because I'm already invested and it's just so easy to slip back in.


So that's where I am on the reading front these days. It's been grim, but I know that the night must end and that the sun will rise I'm hoping I'm through the worst of it.

Have you been a slump as well? What books have you been reading (or not reading)? WHAT ARE YOU SHIPPING AT THE MOMENT? Can we talk about Meredith and Alex and forehead nuzzles and hospital bed cuddles?  ALSO THAT BELLARKE SCENE GUYS

Have you read Glass Sword? How about Rebel of the Sands? Can I make it a whole line without bringing up Meredith and Alex?

I defy you not to ship them I DEFY YOU

Apparently not.


  1. Ugh reading slumps are the WORST, hope you get out of it soon, Gillian! OOH I really want to read Rebel of the Sands, I got it for my birthday 2 weeks ago and I'm super excited to read it!

  2. I've been in such a slump, it's the worst. And for the same reason as you, nothing is GRABBINg me or calling to me even though I have so many good options. The last book I finished and loved was Rebel Mechanics. Since then, it's been a 3 star and two DNF over a long two weeks. I had no interest in reading what I was reading (so I read that Cap fic again). Ahhhhhhhh. No idea what I'm in the mood for either. So I've been watching lots of Marvel and WWE instead of reading. Meep. But I started Stone Field last night and I think it's a winner! I want to get to Froi and Truthwitch soon too, and Rebel of the Sands. I hope Glass Sword is cracktastic!!

  3. Slumps are the worst, and there's just no real way to shake them besides riding them out! But I seriously get you with The 100 feels; Bellamy Blake is ruining my life. Best of luck with your slump, and can't wait to hear what you have to say about Rebel of the Sands! :)

  4. I love you. Hahaha. I hope you find that book that makes you forget for a couple hours about how Shonda is just not gonna let Merlex happen. (Curse writers.) (Except not really.)

  5. This must be the month of book slumps! I honestly just have not been feeling like reading this month, and have been hard-pressed to find a book that really catches my attention. Thankfully, that's changed this week (as I'm currently binge reading the heck out of the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy), so it looks like my reading is looking up! Hope that you find that magical book that gets you out of this slump! (P.S. I STOPPED WATCHING GREY'S SO WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? I AM NOW CURIOUS DAMMIT.)


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