Tuesday, May 10, 2016

BEA-Yootiful: 2016

Hey bloggy peeps! It's been a bit since I last blogged, but I had a good reason: I was on vacation in New York, seeing the sights and eating the food and seeing the Hamilton and hanging with friends. Alas, this post is not me returning triumphantly to the bloggy stage and getting back to that blogging business, but to tell you I'm once again going on vacation. But this time, it's BEA.

*trumpets sound*

BOOK EXPO AMERICA, the Comic Con of books, the Big Kahuna, the greatest of all bookish events, and my favorite time of the year! It's like my Twitter feed come to life, and there's no greater experience than that.

when the squad roll and I roll in and shit gets LIT

This is my fourth time going (I am a blogging grandma, y'all), so I def feel I know my way around. I know the ropes, even if those ropes have been moved halfway across the country to Chicago, but I'm so excited to EAT DEEP DISH PIZZA AND DONUTS AND DESPAIR OVER THE WEATHER! I love new cities and new experiences. I've been to Chicago before, but only briefly. Plus, so many new faces are coming to this year's BEA, and while I'm so sad not to see some of the familiar faces that usually came to New York, I'm beyond amped to meet some of my Twitter faves in person this year.

So... if you're going, give me a shout on Twitter or in the comments or quite literally shout at me because WE WILL BE SHARING FACE SPACE which I promise is not as creepy as it sounds wait why are you running away LET'S HANG OUT

Ahem. It's been a long month, and even though I'm sooooo tired, I'm also SO JAZZED. This is the bookish Olympics, folks. This is what we trained for.

OH, and if you're going to should also check out Blogger Con. (Separate registration from BEA, I believe) 1) because it will be awesome 2) BECAUSE I'M ON A PANEL. YEP, LIKE A PROFESSIONAL GROWN UP ADULT PERSON, talking knowledgable about the blogging. Specifically, Creativity in Content. Creativity! In Content!!!

Here are the deets:

Creative Content: From Ideas to Tools
11:00 AM – 11:50 AM
Room W187

A blogger’s content is their bread and butter, no doubt about it! It’s what sets you apart from the rest and is your unique voice in the bookish community. Join us in a discussion with bloggers from various platforms on their creative processes, from inspiration to creation. We’ll be talking about what inspires them, the tools they use to bring their ideas to life, how they promote their content to their audiences and more!

Moderator: Meg Morley (

Speaker: Samantha (Thoughts on Tomes)
Speaker: Gillian Berry (The Art of Young Adult and Writer of Wrongs) (ME!) (Which you probably know? I hope? Perhaps??)
Speaker: Ashley Evans (
Speaker: Amanda (The Bookcraft)

I'm so excited I'm practically vibrating just thinking about it. It will be a grand time. Please come and watch these genius ladies be awesome! Plus me, probably blabbering about Bellarke!

So yeah, no posts this week, but I'll be tweeting and instagramming up a STORM, I'm sure, so follow the BEA shenanigans over yonder.

Strange things happen when introverts congregate


  1. I will be there Friday and Saturday. My very first time! I am so excited!



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