Monday, April 3, 2017

Recent Reads Roundup, Achievements, Quirks, and Imaginary Cupcakes


(I turn 26 on Saturday. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahagodwhyyy)

2017 has been an...interesting year *purposefully avoids saying why* *YOU KNOW WHY* Let's stick to the reading/blogging front. For me, it's been the best reading year I'd had in...well, i don't know how long, because this is the first year I've really been proactive about tracking my reads (*thunks Past Gillian on the forehead*). But while this is the best reading year I've had in time untold, it's probably the worst blogging year I've had since I started blogging (*thunks Current Gillian on the forehead*). So I'm reading all the books YAY but not finding the time or energy to review them BOO. Let's all throw things at Current Gillian. Preferably very soft things. Like teddy bears, or cupcakes, or accolades.

ANYHOO, because life has been *insert drowning/explodey volcano/screamsobbing/stressed out/panic naptime/seriously-i-need-cupcakes emoji here* (WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IS NOT AN EMOJI, WE ALL NEED THAT ONE, HAVE YOU SEEN 2017???), I'mma do a quick little catch up on not all, but MOST of the books I've read in the first third of 2017. I'm still hoping, optimistically, to do longer reviews for some of them, but I'm too busy AGING and PANICKING ABOUT AGING to do it at the moment, so a babbling roundup is what you get.

Also, some of you may have noticed I've basically not been on Twitter this year. I plan to go back! I miss you peeps! But life has been...well, you saw that emoji. So Imma chat with you through this roundup. <3

Here are all zee books I've read this year! NGL, I'm damn proud of how maaaany there are. I am not one of those people who can read a book a day. I AM BUSY. I HAVE 16 SEASONS OF AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL TO REWATCH AND IMAGINARY CUPCAKES TO EAT AND CEILINGS TO STARE AT.

2017 Reading Highlights:

Favorite shoutouts, starting with the genius sequels
THE DARK DAYS PACT OH MY GOD YOU GUYS IT WAS SO GOOD, LIKE RUIN-YOUR-LIFE-AND-PUNCH-YOU-IN-THE-THROAT GOOD, Windwitch by Susan Dennard, and These Ruthless Deeds by Kelly Zekas and Tarun Shanker. They were all even better than their predecessors, and I loved the first books in those series a whole bunch.



okay it's not out yet, you can keep reading my very scintillating blog post hey where are you going

I'm reading a whole bunch of 2017 Releases! Celebrate! 
aka I AM ACTUALLY...A LITTLE BIT...SORT OF KEEPING UP WITH MY ARCS? I mean no, I'm not, not even a little bit, but I'm doing decently yay Gillian have a teddy bear/cupcake/accolade!

I've been indulging in fun early cheat reads
Like Song of the Current by Sarah Tolscer (PIRATE-ISH FANTASY WITH BOATS AND A BANTERSHIP AND BANTERING ON A SHIP) and What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum, my current read, both of which I quite love. I'm keeping my TBR FRESH, YO by jumping ahead in ARC order to read things that don't come out for months.

(I don't have a schedule--I REJECT AUTHORITY, EVEN SELF-IMPOSED AUTHORITY--but I do organize my physical shelves by release month, and there's something so free about just being like FUCK DAT and seizing a book from JULY, even though all the ignored Febrary ARCs stare at me mournfully and wonder where they went so wrong and why I treat them so and was it something they said)

Like Catherine and Andevai from Cold Magic. Dudes. My guys. My sweet fantasy shipperlings. Get thee thither posthaste. (But only if you can handle high fantasy with a shit metric ton of worldbuilding, because the first 100 pages of this clunker are a grade A mess) (But after that...SHIP CENTRAL OKAY)

Adult romance is my current happy place
Especially historical with lots of banter and hotchacha sexytimes. I read the ENTIRE Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn, and I loved it! I plan to do a series review, but I've been reading a ton of adult romance this year, including Courtney Milan, Tessa Dare, and Jennifer Crusie, and I ain't mad at it. Nothing lifts the mood better than a good frothy romance between people who can legally drink (sometimes reading nothing but YA can get you in a WEIRD PLACE).

I'm actually reading unread books I OWN on my SHELVES that STARE ME IN THE FACE AND SHAME ME
Books like Starflight, Brightly Woven, and the Claire LaZebnik books. It's an ongoing project, but I'm determined to lessen the number of unread books I've bought with my own moneys.

I have a wretched habit of buying pretty brand new hardbacks and being like OBVIOUSLY I SHALL READ THIS EXPENSIVE VELVET-COVERED MASTERPIECE WITH SHINY LETTERTHINGS AND ENDPAPERS AND DECKLED EDGES AT ONCE and then I at once don't and it just sits there, shaming me. But it's my impossible dream goal to read all the books I own, and, well, I'm nowhere near it, but I'm closer than I was, so CUPCAKE TIME IT IS

I've started to do some rereads! 
Which I'm soooo happy about, because I love rereading almost as much as I love reading. it's the ultimate comfort activity for me. I very often go and reread my favorite (kissy) bits in my favorite (kissy) novels when I need an instant HAPPINESS BOOST, but this year--the Year of Shite and Being 26 Hahahasobdrink--I felt the need to actively reread MOAR. Because there are so many books I LOVE and I just want to PULL THEM CLOSER TO ME AND HUG THEM UNTIL THEY STOP BREATHING I mean whut this got weird and bookicidal

I've been reading more contemporaries
I like the stuff with dragons and magical lands and castles full of attractive lying royals in fancy outfits, you know me (or maybe this is he first post you've ever read from me. If so...sorry oops why are you running away). But for some reason, this year I've been drawn to more contemporary reads than I normally am (and grief ones at that, which is usually a topic I avoid like the PLAGUE, but uhhh I guess I feel like ugly crying a lot? IDK. Can't explain why, because I'm really not enjoying it, but also all the grief books I've read have been REALLY GOOD, so, IDK again. This aside had a point, I swear.)

ANYHOO. That's enough babbling for one blog post, I think. I clearly miss talking with you guys! Tell me how your reading years have been, and I'll try to fling some teddy bears or cupcakes are you or maybe just a DRINK because we are all OLD and 2017 is making us OLDER hahahadrinksobu



  1. Good job on all of the books you have read this year! I'm so glad! So excited for The Upside of Unrequited XD

  2. So many books! I need to read The Dark Days Club! <3 I have read 20 books so far this year and I wish I had more time to read more! Soon maybe... Happy Reading!

  3. I'm glad you loved Princess Academy! It was one of the first books I read when I was getting into YA, and it's still near and dear to my heart as a result.

    I have read way fewer books than I usually have by this point in the year, and that makes me sad. I'm not sure why; I think reading is just taking me longer than normal? I've had some faves, despite this - The Ship Beyond Time, Piecing Me Together, and The Names They Gave Us.

  4. So many great reads up there! I am insanely jealous that you have the Buxbaum. I have read all her other books, and I <3 her. I am reading like a beast. Look, I am not good at many things, but I can plow through books, and I am doing like a billion reading challenges that are making me go beyond the contemporary romance. I even read a non-fiction book. I hope you have an awesome birthday!
    Sam @ WLABB

  5. You've read so many wonderful books!! And so many I want to get to! I loved The Upside of Unrequited and Princess Academy looks soooo cuuuute (and princessy). I swear on Mary Berry that I'm going to read Dark Days Club this month, finally. *throws all the teddy bears and cupcakes your way* Yayyyy for keeping up with arcs! I'm doing decent-ish, with some definite cheats thrown in haha. *perks up at piratey* I tell you this every time but I love the way you word, seriously! I'm trying to be better at books I own too. As in, picking up a two year old book that I preordered because I NEEDED TO READ IT RIGHT AWAY. Oy. Reading kissy bits is the beeeest, I'm rereading Half Blood Prince rn and it feels so nice to be back at Hogwarts. I miss talking to you toooooo 2017 really is The Year That Must Not Be Named and hahahaha LET'S TALK ABOUT TURNING OLD (31 in July. Save me). That aside, I hope you are able to treat yo self and have a splendiferous birthday with lots and lots of cupcakes and maybe Paul Hollywood there to feed them to you. My reading year has been pretty good! 20 books so far, trying not to pressure myself. Almost evenly split between fantasy and contemporary; I adored Secrets of a Heart Note, Geekerella, Alex Approximately (IT IS SO YOU'VE GOT MAIL GILLIAN) and I am falling headfirst down the fandom known as Shades of Magic. Those books are bingeworthy crack. SO. GOOD. Ooh and did you see Beauty and the Beast yet? I'd love to know what you thought of it!

  6. I've also been trying to read books I've had onmy shelves forever--next up: American Gods! It's been a little rough though because I keep getting distracted by new titles. :)

  7. One of my goals this year was to read books from my shelves instead of borrowing ebooks from the library and I'm doing a pretty crap job BUT I haven't been buying any so my tbr hasn't moved at all haha. Even if you haven't been blogging, at least you've been doing so much reading! I consider that a win :)

    As for books I've recently finished ... I loooved Geekerella. It was super cute and perfect for anyone who's obsessed with anything!!!


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