Monday, November 16, 2015

#TheShelfieHop, or a Vlog Tour of my Bookshelves

Yay! Today's the The Shelfie Hop! Kristen at My Friends Are Fiction and Crystal at Bookiemoji got the great idea to do a blogosphere-wide hop where we all show off our beeyooteeful bookshelves on the same day. One of my main life projects over the last year or so has been to get my shelves in TIP TOP SHAPE, and I just very recently put the finishing touches on, so this hop couldn't have fallen at a better time. I'm so happy to FINALLY give that shelf tour I've been meaning to give for ages, ever since I dismantled my Stacks o'Doom and finally got myself some real like grown up shelves

(For newcomers, I used to store all my books in huuuuge stacks against the wall four feet high because I didn't have any shelves. Yes, it was a huge pain. No, I do not miss them.)

Without further ado: MY SHELFIE TOUR!

My fancy video camera was out of battery, and I was lazy, so I used the slightly less fancy camera. Also my filming technique leaves something to be desired. BUT LOOK AT THE PRETTY BOOKS AND LISTEN TO THE UPBEAT MUSIC YAY

And now, some close up pictures to further show off the preciouses!

Long view of my mantelpiece decorations:

(that Fire-Breathing Bitch Queen print in the middle is from Judith at Paperiot's Society6 shop GO CHECK IT OUT)

Mantle closeups (and YES those are ARCs of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire! I found them at a secondhand shop like five or so years ago, having no idea what ARCs were or how rare these were. WHO KNEW):

(Also how much do Hipster Belle and Hipster Ariel look like they're talking shit about you)

My YA books! To see the full glorious scope of my gigantic YA shelves (one of which I made with MY OWN BARE HANDS, yes I did, it took me two hours and I zero percent recommend it), watch the video above, because I forgot to take a picture of the shelves at a distance. Whoops.)

ALSO: those tabby tape things are my new way of noting which books I own that I haven't read but very much SHOULD or WANT TO. Instead of buying new books willy-nilly, I'm going to make a conscious effort to conquer my owned unread. Every time I do, I get to remove a tab. REWARDING MYSELF.


One day I'll do a post specifically focused on all the HP books I have, because this is only a paltry few



Part of my adult fiction shelf (which is notably smaller than my YA/MG section)

VHS shelf and cookbooks!

Some of my non-fiction books!

If you want to see even more pics of my books, like closeups of my special editions and stuff, I'm on Instagram so YAY that's a thing you can do)

(Also, if you're curious about what my Stacks o'Doom looked like, you can get an idea of them in this older vlog)

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  1. SERIOUSLY AMAZING GILLIAN!! I love those corner shelves there and the mantelpiece collection of classics and rare editions!! And all the Funko Pops!!

    Amazing tour of your bookshelves, thank you sooo much for sharing them with us all!

    Also, I want to squeeze Ginger and give her all the hugs, she's so adorableeee!!

  2. Those literary device posters!

    I used to have so many books and then I kept moving. So now I only have one full and one half shelf. Because I will probably move again.

  3. OMG SO GOOD. This was my favorite. I love it all.

  4. Amazing shelves! They're so neatly organized and I love your posters :D

  5. Your shelves are SO amazing!!! I'll have to watch the video when I get home but I love the pictures. So many favorites of mine :D I like your sticky tab unread idea too. And I've been dying to read that She Wolves of England book. Also YOUR HAIR LOOKS LIKE DISNEY PRINCESS HAIR. Beauteous (Belle and Ariel, stop talking about me). Love your shelfies :)

  6. OMG I love your collection! So beautiful. *stares* SO MANY BOOKS. And all so beautiful. Love the shiny hunger games editions and your Leigh Bardugo collection is epic. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  7. Your bookshelves (all of them) are fantastic! I watched the video yesterday, but I still wanted to leave a comment to say that 1) they are beautifully arranged, 2) I'm now in the position of having multiple book stacks versus shelves, though I hope that gets remedied next month and 3) GIVE ME ALL YOUR NON-FICTION HISTORY RECS. Let's start with British history and Russian history, yes?

  8. Awesome shelves! Also, your dog is extremely cute (:

  9. Yaaay :D LOTS of beautiful books on these stunning shelves Gillian. <3 Hugs. Thank you so much for sharing about all of them :) You are awesome. Loved looking at your shelves. <3

  10. Wow. You collection trumps everyone else's I've seen. The vlog was a really cool idea, thanks for sharing it.

    Dreams @ Once Upon A Dream Books


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