Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top Ten Books I'd Want on a Deserted Island

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OH GOD. This topic is like my personal nightmare. I’m a notoriously bad chooser. When given the choice between option A and option B I will invariably choose C: all of the above. When trying to decide between two desserts or two dresses or two boyfriends (kidding… ish) I always choose BOTH. My list of ten favorite books is a hundred titles long. So this is hard.
But Top Ten Tuesday is all about the Top Ten. So here goes.

I casually own this Hogwarts trunk full of HP books btw.

1.      Harry Potter (they all count as one book okay leave me alone)
Because I could reread these all day, every day. Because I’d never get sick of them. Because there’s always something new to discover.
Sigh, I know I’m cheating. Then I would have to close my eyes and grab at random, hoping it was either Half-Blood Prince or Order of the Phoenix. Or maybe Deathly Hallows. Shoot.

 How to Survive on a Deserted Island (Prepare to Survive)
2.      How to Survive on a Deserted Island
Because that’s just common sense.

3.      The Annotated Pride and Prejudice
Because I love it unconditionally and I am obsessed with the annotations. There are historical and literary insights GALORE.

4.      Anna Karenina
It’s reaaaaaaally long. And I’ve never gotten through it before. I figure on a deserted island I’d finally find the time and necessary focus.

5.      The Complete Works of Shakespeare
Also reaaaaaaally long. And I could finally freaking read the random ones like Cymbeline. Or Timon of Athens. I bet you didn’t even know that was a real thing.

Picture me in a toga.

Plus I could act them out if I got bored!

6.      Atonement
In case I need a really long cry and a good dose of history.

7.      The Hunger Games (yes all three)
I could seriously pick up tips. I mean I’ll be totally prepared when the vicious razor-clawed monkeys attack. And having Katniss around would keep me fierce and goal-oriented. I’d never lose the fight to survive.
What's that? I'm still cheating? I guess I'll pick Catching Fire, then, for relevance.

I also own this and it's gorgeous. It has gilded edges!

8.      The Annotated Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Because fairy tales are necessary for being. They teach you lightness and darkness, hope and despair, happy endings and unspeakable violence. Because they’re just freaking cool. And they have princesses.

9.      The Collected Calvin and Hobbes (not technically a book, but there are words involved)

Because I’ll need something to make me laugh.

10.  A blank notebook (pen included)
Because I’d go NUTS if I couldn’t write my own books while in total isolation.

Honorable mentions:
A Little Princess
Alice in Wonderland
Jane Eyre
I Capture the Castle
The Phantom Tollbooth
Every book written by Neil Gaiman/Philip Pullman/Jane Austen
Every book I’ve ever liked


  1. Harry Potter <3 And the Hogwarts trunk is so pretty! I also want the Grimm's fairytales <3


    1. I got that Hogwarts trunk for Christmas a few years back and it was one of the best gifts I've ever received! The Grimm's fairy tales are all annotated and filled with gorgeous full color illustration. I'm a sucker for books that have been prettified.

  2. Good call on the blank notebook!

  3. LOVE your choice of collections of Calvin and Hobbes' & 'Shakespeare'! :)Here's my TTT:

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. I think Calvin and Hobbes is always a good choice!

  4. I love your list! It's so creative and clever. Most I've read so far (including mine) just included their favorite books. You put some good thought into it!

    1. Thanks! Compliments are always appreciated. And I liked your list! There were a whole bunch of books on there I've been dying to read.

  5. I love your idea of a blank notebook. The first time I've seen it but it's a very smart choice! Great list.:)

    1. Alone on a desert island would be the best time to write the great American novel! :D

  6. Ooo, I have never read an annotated P&P. I should look into that. Besides, I'm always looking to add to my collection of P&P! P&P is my favorite book ever!

    Heck yeah, HP!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oooh, definitely get the annotated version. If you love P&P it'll be the best thing you ever do!

  7. Annotated Pride and Prejudice is a smart move. I always forget there are annotated versions of Austen. :P

  8. Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland would definitely be in my top ten as well. I can read them over and over again and never get sick of them.

  9. Love your mix of newer and classic books!

  10. Oh my goodness! YOU THINK LIKE ME...or I THINK LIKE YOU! Love the list. On Bookshelvers Anonymous, she asked me this question (but limited to 3, how unfair is that?) and one of them I picked was Catching Fire because of the tips. I mean, it's like the survival guide. Anyways, I also love the picture of Timon (What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?) plus other picks. New follower! :)


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