Saturday, February 8, 2014

Book Haul, or the One with Kenji, Warner, and Thorne

This was the week all my preorders released and a beloved series end and omg the book boyfriends and then I drowned in a book avalanche and that is a really good way to go out.

Books purchased:


Cress by Marissa Meyer

IT'S SO PRETTY. I was lucky enough to read Cress early, but the finished copy is sooooo gorgeous and smooth and the lettering is raised and I keep stroking it. The blue part is matte, but the red ribbon running through her hair is glossy and unfff, book lust.


Ignite Me by Taherah Mafi

I read this the day it arrived, aka the day it released, and yesss. Also this is super gorgeous in person as well. Very matte and very pretty.


Something Real by Heather Demetrios

I am so excited for this book. So many bloggers I love and trust are raving about this book. It's massive and beautiful and I hugged it when it showed up.

Books for review:


On the Fence by Kasie West



Strange and Ever After by Susan Dennard

Eeeep I love this series, and the cover is stunning.

White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I downloaded this a bit on a whim because I'm curious about the author, never having read any of her books. The cover really doesn't look like my kind of thing, but the blurb is certainly intriguing.


Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski

I was pre-approved for this on Netgalley, so WHY NOT.

And now for your weekly dose of Ginger:


  1. EEP. I still don't have a finished copy of Cress but I NEEEEEEEED IT. Then again, I don't have a finished copy of Cinder either. It's an issue. I'm dying to read Something Real because it's been getting so many good reviews, but even the Kindle copy is £9 and I can't justify breaking my book buying ban on it. I will have to hop on the hype train late, as always. And I got On the Fence as well and ERMEHEGERD I NEED TO DROP EVERYTHING AND READ IT.

  2. From what I've heard, WHK isn't Armentrout's best. I like her Covenant series, despite the glaring similarities to Vampire Academy and the disappointing finale.
    That Susan Dennard book, SO PRETTY.

  3. I love how Cress looks! So beautiful. I've been admiring it too. I've read some JLA but I can't pick that one up because the cover is just ugh. Not my thing. I agree Arshia-Mufti about the Covenant series. I still haven't read the second Dennard book! I have it just had no time. Enjoy all the books!!

  4. Ginger looks interested in something. I love JLA books. I got Ignite me as well this week. Enjoy your new books.

    Books of Love

  5. Cress. <3 So pretty. Hope you'll enjoy everything sweetie :)

  6. The cover for Cress is so pretty! I can't wait for my library to get it in!

    I was pre-approved for Don't Even Think About It and thought "why not?" too! It sounds fun! :D

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle

  7. That a nice pile of books. I've been hearing incredible things about Ignite me and Cress so I hope you enjoy. I'm really intrigued by Strange and Ever After, I think I'll have to read the series.


  8. I can't wait for my finished copy of Cress either, I want to stroke it! A lot of people were tweeting about On the fence and I still haven't read a single book from her.. Happy reading :D

  9. DOG! I mean, Ginger! YAY DOGS!

    I grabbed the Kasie West and the Susan Dennard book this week too.

    OOOO that reminds me I need to buy Cress to sit next to my pretty hardcovers in the series.

    And ugh, I should hurry up and read Unite Me and then buy Ignite Me and then will fit in with everyone who has read it. Oy.

    HAPPY READING!! (I should probably calm down on the coffee, eh?)

  10. I absolutely agree about the cover of Cress! It's absolutely gorgeous, and I just petted it a lot in my STS post. Plus, the contents are just as gorgeous. I also love the covers of Ignite Me and Something Real! Haven't read Ignite Me yet, but it's happening. Something Real is really amazing though!

  11. That is an adorable Ginger pic. Eeek! And I cannot wait until you read Something Real. I love that book so much!

  12. I got Cress too! I need to read it soon, so soon! I have to read Scarlet first though... Doh! Hi Ginger!
    My STS

  13. I read one of JLA's book and was sorely unimpressed so I steered clear of WHK. My awesome mom got Ignite Me for me but I don't get it until Valentine's Day. Like you I picked up On The Fence & Strange & Ever After. I need to read the first two books in the Something Strange and Deadly series and I'm going to do that next month.

    Happy reading!

  14. I have this strange urge to cuddle and stroke your dog, lol, loooooove Ginger <3
    The cover of Cress is GORGEOUS, stat. I've been wanting to read those series from Susan Dennard, the covers are always pretty! Hope you enjoy all the books you got, G ;)

  15. I seriously don't know what I like more, looking at the books or looking at Ginger!! Look at that adorable face!! I want to squish her face!

    Aaaaah, this IS the week of Cress and Ignite Me! I got them in Kindle, but I feel like I'll need to own the full series in paper someday!

    Quite jealous of you getting Strange And Ever After! I requested it on Edelweiss so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get approved!

    Happy reading!!

  16. I JUST finished Unravel Me so I'm excited to pick up Ignite Me. Something Real sounds freaking fantastic, I want it bad.
    Ginger is such a goof. :)


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