Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top Ten Characters I Want to Be for Halloween

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I looooove dressing up for Halloween... in theory. Truth be told, I'm more of a "Let's stay in and watch Hocus Pocus and all four Halloweentowns while binging on candy and wine while wearing pajamas!" kind of girl on Halloween night, but if was forced to leave my hermit hole and dress up, I'd definitely choose to channel the following bookish heroines:

Cath Avery from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
This costume would not be the hugest stretch for me, let's be real. Bonus points if you can find me a Levi to further accesorize, please.

Lola Nolan from Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
Every day is like Halloween with Lola!

Alina Starkov from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
If anybody tried to steal my candy, I'd try the Cut.

Blue Sargent from The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
I feel like the yogurt really makes it.

Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Kami Glass from Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan
This is basically what my closet looks like already (except those boots. Why don't I own those boots?! Oh, right, I live in a rainless land.)

Linh Cinder from Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Okay, so that cyborg hand would require quite a bit of artistic talent, and let's face it, I will never get my hair to do that.

Alanna of Trebond from the Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce
Pretty sure Alanna is the reason I've wanted to be a redhead for most of my life. Alanna, Anne, and Ariel.

Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series by Rick Riordan
I will also never get my hair to do that.

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
My hair is weeping.


  1. I love the pictures you included!
    I seriously need to read Fangirl...

  2. I loved this post!
    The Annabeth Chase, Lizzie Bennet and Celaena costumes are great! (Well they're all great, but they are my top three) I need to read The Raven Boys yet, and I'm currently reading Shadow and Bone and I love your picks for Alina.

  3. This is SUCH FUN. I love it! And seriously, I think we all want to be as badass as Celaena AND have her wardrobe.

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  4. I absolutely love this entire post but something about Lizzie's costume captures my heart (HEY! I can be a Lizzie Bennet of color because why not!)

  5. Fabulous post. It really would be great to be Celaena for Halloween!

  6. Oh, wow! This post is just amazing, and I love all of the pictures! :)
    Here's my TTT

  7. Kath almost made my list, I feel like I'd have to make some Simon Snow swag to carry around, otherwise you'd look quite niomal. And the hair, ugh. Need a professional to match all these. Lizzie Bennet would be a dream, but I don't have those up-do skills either.

  8. Such and interesting take :D Lola or Lizzie Bennte would be fantastic. Great pos! Here;s my list

  9. Can I just have Alina's boots? Give me, give me, give me!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  10. This is a kick ass post! LOVE all your choices and your outfits.


    And seriously, Cath would be an awesome one, even if no one would get it!

  11. Look at you with your accessory pictures! I thought about doing that, but that made my *brain* weep, so. But WOW, what great picks!

  12. I love ALL of these! Especially Lola and Celaena. Both badass, but can I accessorize with Cricket and Rowan as well? Both of them will be fine ;)

  13. Wonderfully done list!
    Annabeth made my list too, I just love her character soo much! Lola is a great idea too and dressing up as her would be fun. Elizabeth would be an amazing choice too, I love historical cotumes. Cinder is such a wonderful idea too, but only Cress made my list today. :)
    My TTT:

  14. I'm more of a stay home in my PJs eating candy on Halloween, too. But I do love your costume ideas. I totally want to be Annabeth and Elizabeth Bennet! And Cinder and Blue (I love the yogurt, but she won't be eating the fruit on the bottom!), and I love you idea of Cath!!!

  15. Ha, you're totally right about Lola. Everything she wears is like she's dressing up for Halloween. That holiday was made for her.

    Oh my god, the outfits for Alina Starkov and Celaena are soooo fucking badass. Want.

  16. I can't get over how perfect these are, every single one!!! They represent the characters amazingly well. I love Cath and I really love Blue! The yogurt is very important, you're right. Dying over Celaena's jewelry, where did you find them?! And I love love love Elizabeth Bennett, I've always wanted to be her for Halloween. I think I'd look good in empire waist dresses :) And that top hair pic! Eeeeee.

  17. SOOOOOO COOL :-D If I dressed up I would be Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon.
    PS Underneath your jammies and all those candy wrappers I'm pretty sure you are totally as badass at Celaena, and bonus because your name is way easier to spell :)

  18. Yay! I vote for Alina, as I recognize her coat thingie from Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (or was it 4? the one where the beginning takes place in China). :)

  19. These are all so amazing! I love Cinder's hand, Blue's outfit and Alina's the most.

  20. Eek! I love this post. So much. Bunch of awesome :D You are amazing for making all of these edits. <3 ALINA. BLUE. ALL OF THEM. So much awesome :)

  21. Clearly I'm behind on blog commenting, but I LOVED how you did the graphics for the bookish Halloween costumes! The Blue Sargent one was spot on (and yes, Blue needs yogurt for the outfit to really be complete!) and also the Cinder one. She would definitely be a cargo pants aficionado. Lots of pockets for her tools and spare gears and her gadgets.

  22. These are so cool! Where did you find the clothes for Celaena and Alina. I have wanted to be them for halloween, but I can never find good costumes.


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