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Review: Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

Review: Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead
Release date: November 13th, 2008
Publisher: Razorbill (Penguin)
Series: Yes, #3 in the Vampire Academy series
Length: 460 pages
Source: Purchased
Rating: Can't talk too busy binge-reading the world around me has vanished


It's springtime at St. Vladimir's Academy, and Rose Hathaway is this close to graduation. Since making her first Strigoi kills, Rose hasn't been feeling quite right. She's having dark thoughts, behaving erratically, and worst of all... might be seeing ghosts.

As Rose questions her sanity, new complications arise. Lissa has begun experimenting with her magic once more, their enemy Victor Dashkov might be set free, and Rose's forbidden relationship with Dimitri is starting to heat up again. But when a deadly threat no one saw coming changes their entire world, Rose must put her own life on the line - and choose between the two people she loves most.

My review of Frostbite

*peers back through the fog of time* I loved Frostbite so much that I binge read the entire Vampire Academy series in the space of a few days, which means they all sort of blur in my head in much the same way the events that occur while you're being fed on by a Strigoi or a Moroi do. I legit had to go to the Shadow Kiss Wikipedia page and glance at the summary so I could be like, "OH, RIGHT, THIS IS THE BOOK WHERE *SPOILER* HAPPENS!" So while this might not be the most detailed review, because ummmm I've already begun binge-reading the Bloodlines series so my head is basically a stew of Richelle Mead books right now. BUT THE FEELS WILL BE THERE.

(This is why one should take notes while one reads, but one forgets when there are Adrians and Christians and kick-ass Roses on the page.) But the general spirit of the review is that I'm obsessed with this series. I can't help it. It's far from perfect, but I'm obsessed. i just want to surround myself with Richelle Mead books for the rest of my life WHY MUST SERIES END?!

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Richelle done reeled me in. Hook, line, and sinker

And ohhhh, the feels. I think Shadow Kiss may be my favorite of the series. Hmmm, now, perhaps Frostbite is. ANYWAY, Shadow Kiss picks up a few weeks after Frostbite with Rose trying to overcome the trauma and grief of her most recent brush with death.I read this book in one day. I am so totally Team Rose no matter what obstacle comes her way, and oh boy, do a lot of obstacles come her way in this one. Spoilers for Frostbite: She's seeing Masons' ghost, dealing with the guilt of the night she let him die, and struggling with her last guardian assignment before graduation, in which she's assigned to protect... Christian. WHOMP.

Team Rose and Christian forever, y'all. Their snarky kind-of-friendship gives me life.But yeah, Rose is terrified that she won't be allowed to guard Lissa when they graduate. Then there's the fact that Victor Dashkov, their sworn enemy, is going to trial, and Rose and Lissa aren't allowed to testify. Then there's this weird, secret society at St. Vladimir's that clearly Evil and Suspicious and Up to No Good. But mostly, Rose is dealing with the fact that she thinks she's losing her mind, what will all the ghosts and the darkness and mood swings that come from dabbling with spirit.

27 GIFs Of Taylor Swift Dancing Awkwardly In Her New Music Video
SPIRIT (fingers)

Then there's the OOO LA LA *fans self* This was definitely the high point of my Rose/Dimitri shipping, this book was. The thing about this series is that is is so MIND-BOGGLINGLY ADDICTIVE. Like, even as I find flaws (and i do find quite a few flaws), I'm so emotionally obsessed with the characters that I kind of don't even care. That's exactly how I felt about Shadow Kiss, and all of that is helpe dby the fact that I went in completely blind. I did not know the big twists, or the huge SUCKER PUNCH of an ending. I probably should have figured that THAT would happen, but I didn't. And it heightened my level of enjoyment tremendously.

Being unspoiled for the big events of the whole series leads to glorious moments of shock and disbelief and book slamming and twitter freakouts. Rest assured, I did all that and more at this ending. It's kind of an awesomely horrible ending, and I loved it.

Vampire Academy and sequels ruined my entire fall TBR. I binge-read them in September, and I'm still feeling the repercussions in October (especially since I launched straight into Bloodlines because Adrian Ivashkov is the best thing to ever happen to me in the history of ever). I don't know what crack Richelle Mead sprinkled in these pages, but even when the pacing is on the slow side, I cannot tear myself away from her books. They do things to me. I AM POWERLESS TO RESIST THEIR VAMPIRIC COMPULSION.

Push comes to shove, I might have to declare Shadow Kiss as the strongest and bravest of the books in the series, because Rose has to recover from the AWFUL AWFUL Frostbite ending, plus there is a kick ass battle at the end. (seriously. Team Rose and Christian kicking Strigoi ass FOREVER). I know I'm in the vaaaast minority when it comes to Dimitri, but he actually doesn't float my boat that much. This is the book I like him the best, and he and Rose light the page on god damn fire, even if I find him a wee bit boring.

But Rose. I will follow this girl through bloody ANYTHING Richelle Mead throws at her (and oh, was I tested to that effect in Blood Promise, but that's for another review). Rose is my queen for life. I love her sass, strength, vulnerability, confidence, and character development. She is my favorite beyond favorites.


  1. I have to agree--I don't really get the Dimitri thing. I just finished Shadow Kiss a few weeks ago, and I haven't started the next one yet. I just don't get the appeal. I find him boring and a little bossy. Though, I did like their swoony scenes at the end of Shadow Kiss. I just find Adrian and Christian way more interesting. In fact, I was more interested in Mason than Dimitri.

  2. "Like, even as I find flaws (and i do find quite a few flaws), I'm so emotionally obsessed with the characters that I kind of don't even care."

    I KNOW THIS FEEL. Like, these books aren't perfect by any means but I am so invested in the characters that I can overlook pretty much anything. I wish I was able to binge-read the way you can (it's seriously a talent. Look at you.) I haven't read Shadow Kiss yet, but Frostbite KILLED ME. HOW DARE THAT BOOK.

  3. this was also my fave of the series!! I love your gifs!

  4. YAYYYY. There are SO MANY feels in this series, especially in Shadow Kiss!! I just.. seriously. love this series! so insanely addictive for sure - i also binge read them all in a weekend. i'm so glad you're binging the bloodlines series! I need to get on that soon. :)

  5. "Like, even as I find flaws (and i do find quite a few flaws), I'm so emotionally obsessed with the characters that I kind of don't even care."


    Also yay for binge-reading Bloodlines. That's exactly what I did after binge-reading the last 2/3 VA books. THEY ARE JUST SO ADDICTING!


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