Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon
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You probably get really tired of hearing me say this, but this TTT topic was nearly impossible for me. I reach books because of the swoons. I love books because of the swoons (most of the time. As in, almost all of the time). So choosing just TEN books I swoon over when quite literally ALL of my favorite books are swoony is so hard. My entire archive of read books to choose from is swoony, really. But I did the best I could.

The Distance Between Us. Pivot Point. Both have incredibly wonderful, swoony, cuter-than-puppies romances. I hear there's an additional swoony couple in Pivot Point's sequel, Split Second

HER BOOKS. Anna and the French Kiss. Lola and the Boy Next Door. Gillian and the Bookish Boyfriends.

Another recent read that had me literally, physically swoon. I swear at one point I clutched the book to my heart and sort of sagged sideways across the couch.

Chapter Fifty-Five. And Fifty-Eight. And all the chapters. And oh my god if Mafi ever wrote a New Adult novel the world would just burst into flames of swoons and lust.

WES AND MAC. The cutes! The swoons! The slow build! The partnership! The trust! The cute moments!

Jase Garret, you can crawl onto my roof any day. Any time. He and Sam are so adorable together, and reading about their love story makes me swoon.

The thing I love best about Tammy's book are the ships. I mean, besides magic and plots and shenanigans and kick ass female heroines of all kinds. But you know me; I read for ships, and I'm not ashamed of it. Tamora Pierce has written three of my all-time OTPs, not to mention the most seminal kissing scene of my childhood.

LEVI AND CATH MAKE ME SWOON SO HARD. I can barely even talk about how much I adore reading about them come slowly, sloooowly together in Fangirl. Rowell writes scenes that are so damn cute they make your teeth ache, but they also hurt your heart because of all the LOVE and the PAIN, especially the pain, and especially in Eleanor & Park. Her couples are just so prefect and their connections are so pure.

Nobody brings the contemporary romance like Katie McGarry, and Dare You To is my favorite of hers. Ryan and Beth are so different, but their romance makes so much sense, and THE SCENE IN THE BARN. I went weak in the knees reading that scene.

Percabeth Percabeth Percabeth. Percabeth Percabeth. Percabeth.

It's a way of life.

"The kiss obliterated her.
It was like coming home or being born or suddenly finding an entire half of herself that had been missing."


 I guess crowns are just really sexy to me. Or maybe it's just HECTORRRRRR.

This is a liiiitle bit of a cheat, since I've only read Catching Jordan, but I completely adored Catching Jordan and have heard nothing but the best and swooniest things about her other books from friends whose swoony tastes line up with mine.

Ohhhh, do I ship the ship in Scarlet and Lady Thief. I recently read and LOVED Lady Thief, book two, and trust me, this is where the swoons really come in to play. The kissing scenes... I can't even.


  1. Yes to all of the above. Ignite Me Chapter 55. Holy Moly. I can't even imagine her writing NA if that's what she does for YA. The internet might break. I just finished A Mad, Wicked Folly on Sunday, and there were swoons. The scene in Will's apartment? Yeah. Swoon.

    My TTT

  2. I love your banners for everything! And ugh, I really, really have to read more Kasie West. I swooned so hard at THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US and I have PIVOT POINT and ON THE FENCE waiting for me, mocking me, neeeeeding my swoon! Sooooooon! Need A MAD, WICKED FOLLY hardcore too!

  3. I put Scarlet on my list too! I hope more people read it since we're putting it on our lists and all!
    My TTT

  4. I'm glad that I have a whole bunch of books to check out now! Thank you for sharing all of them.

    Also PERCABETH. I think that's all that needs to be said about that :D

    Tasia @ More Treasure In Books

  5. Awesome list! I LOVE Dare You To, it's my fave in that series!

  6. Great list! Completely agree about Rainbow Rowell books, Dare You To, My Life Next Door, and The Distance Between Us. <3
    I'm starting Pivot Point today (yay!) and hope to read Rae Carson's series some time this month.


    Basically I freaking love your list. A Mad, Wicked Follly was the TOP for me asdfjkl; I'm still swooning. Also YES to Kasie West. MASTER. AND IGNITE ME. BUT YOU KNOW THIS. I NEED to get to the swoons in Lady Thief. *sobs* *pokes Amazon* SHIP ALREADY.

  8. I love how you did this list! I looks so cool and original. For the record I agree on everyone you have done that I have read.

    And Kasie West? I have read Split Second and On the Fence. Get ready to swoon more. ;-)

    My TTT List

  9. All of Katie McGarry's books are so super swoony. I LOVED Isaiah the most.

    Great list!

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

  10. Such a great list! I need to add a bunch of these to my TBR list now!

  11. Oh you have some fantastic books on your list! I have to agree on The Distance Between Us, that was so swoony, and Stephine Perkins is on my list too! I bought Pushing the Limits so I'll have see what Katie McGarrys work is like, as well as Tarehah Mafi and Rainbow Rowell, which I'm hoping to read pretty soon! Great list :D

    Top Ten Tuesdays - Swoony Books

  12. Great list!! I have The Distance Between Us, Scarlet, A Mad Wicked Folly, and The Unbound sitting on my shelf... excited for the swoons :D

    I pretty much read The Girl of Fire and Thorns series because of your posts, namely your HECTORRRRRR posts and omg I DIED reading Crown of Embers. The swoons were out of this world.

    Crown of Midnight. No words. Except dead from the swoons. Fangirl- same. The Starbucks drink <3 <3 <3 <3.

    Anna and the French Kiss is possibly my favorite book on this list, I'm rereading it this week :D Mmmmm Etienne <3

    Bonus swoon I know you will love: Cress and Thorne but specifically the part early on, his "Laurie and Amy" line, OH MY GODDDDDDDD. You have to know which one I mean :))))

  13. Love this! Crown of Midnight, RR's books, Katie McGarry's books, SP, many swoons!

    Glad to hear A Mad, Wicked Folly brings the swoons- that's coming up next on my TBR.

  14. Ha! I love how you've tackled this list. I completely missed putting Kasie West on my book, but I completely agree!

  15. "I swear at one point I clutched the book to my heart and sort of sagged sideways across the couch." YES ME TOO. And oh God, I might be slightly hysterical right now thinking about Mafi writing a NA novel because NEED IT I NEED IT SO MUCH.

  16. Basically, your picks just reaffirm what I already knew: I don't read enough swoony YA. And I especially need to read Kasie West and Victoria Schwab. Like, yesterday. Beautiful list!

  17. HELLS TO THE YES the Tamora Pierce kissing scene! I still sometimes open that book randomly just to read that scene. Also yay Percabeth!!

  18. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to read A Mad, Wicked Folly! So many people have been gushing about it and I LOVE historical fiction. I already own it, I just need to read it!! Hopefully I'll have time to get to it soon.

  19. So many books I need to read. That's so awesome to see Percy books on this list and while I haven't read Eleanor & Park or Fangirl yet I have read Attachments and loooooved it. So I agree. :)

  20. I agree with all the ones I've read on your list (particularly Crown of Midnight, as you well know). I guess this means I should read A Mad Wicked Folly and The Archived, huh?


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