Saturday, March 1, 2014

Book Haul, or the One in Which the End Times Arrive

It's true. The End Times really are coming. And no, it's not the end of the world, but a really cool-looking book that showed up on my doorstep in some fancy pants packaging.

For review from Penguin:

End Times by Anna Schumacher

Well, this certainly sounds nifty. Plus it came with one of those "letters from the editor, you hold in your hands the pivotal seventh novel of blah blah" notes that lets you know this book is Supah Important. Also it came with those crinkly black paper packing strings that I'm sure have a name and a packet of post cards and some blurbs from Very Important Authory People. So I'm excited for this one.



 Landry Park by Bethany Hagen

Apparently I pre-ordered this? Happy surprise book arrival to me! The cover is velvety soft. I recommend finding it in your nearest bookstore and petting it like a creeper.

ETA: Just realized I forgot to add my weekly recap, aka my weekap. OOPS. Well, here's what you missed last week on the blog:

I raved about The Unbound by Victoria Schwab

I listed some books I'd like to see as movies or TV shows AND made posters for them

I reviewed The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

I reviewed fangirled over the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.


  1. End Times looks so so so awesome. I've seen quite a few bloggers get their hands on it. Looking forward to seeing waht you think! :D Surprise book arrivals are the best! Especially when they're of that beautiful velvet soft cover type. ;)

    Great haul!

  2. Very jealous about End Times! Not heard of it before, but gorgeous cover. Sigh. I hope you enjoy it :D Happy reading. <3

  3. END TIMES. I need it! I love the postcard as well.

  4. The End Times looks really good. I do like the cover. Awesome haul.

    Books of Love

  5. I like the cover from End Times, but I'm still not sure about the blurb. I can't wait to read some reviews to see what it's all about :D Happy reading!

  6. Bhahahaha, "I recommend finding it in your nearest bookstore and petting it like a creeper." Best. Quote. Ever!
    My STS


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