Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top Ten Books on My Spring TBR List

So many great books coming out this spring! I know I say that every season, but I obviously super duper serious mean it this time. This will be the best bookish season ever*! Hear hear! All these books on this list I have in my possession, besides the first, and plan to read ASAP.

NO, this is not in my clutches. Calm down. But the moment it is, I am ripping it open and devouring it whole because OMG WHAT HAPPENS I MUST KNOW

I'm so excited for this one! It looks summery and light and adorable. It will be the perfect thing to read in the glorious LA spring sunshine. Spring just might be my favorite season here in Southern California.

I'm cheating, since this comes out in July, but I am soooo reading this before that, because KASIE WEST WRITING ADORABLE FLUFFY ROMANCE. It is everything I love and need.

I read the first couple of chapters of this a couple months ago, and it's SO GOOD. I really need some tense and romantic historical fiction, and this Nazi Germany tale just might fit the bill.

I really enjoyed LaZebnik's cute, contemporary reworking of Pride and Prejudice, Epic Fail, so I've got very high hopes for this Persuasion retelling.

This book. This books sounds like Gillian catnip. It's Chasing Liberty meets Roman Holiday. Princes and Europe and summer and yes.

Geeks falling in love! It's everything I adore in a contemporary romance.

 Rebel is the sequel to Reboot, which I really enjoyed. Plus, this series is a rare duology, meaning the Rebel is the series ender, meaning we'll find out what happens to Callum all of the characters!

I've heard it on good authority (Ellis) that this book is ALL OF THE ADORBS. I'm prepared to swoon.

NEW HUNTLEY FITZPATRICK BOOK. Set in the same world as My Life Next Door. With a new heroine to love and a new hot boy to obsess over.

This book is a YA historical with diversity set in a period of American History one doesn't normally read about, the Korean War. I can't wait to get to it.

*At least until summer.


  1. Most of these are books I want to read as well! I wish I had On the Fence in my hands, but it will probably have to be a summer read for me. Beyond excited for What I Thought Was True, Rebel, The Art of Lainey, and Prisoner of Night and Fog.

  2. I have Shadow and Bone sitting on my shelf unread.. Based on your blurb for Ruin and Rising, I'm thinking I should maybe get on that soon? And, I actually don't think I've really heard of any of your other books (other than The Art of Lainey, but I don't know anything about it) so I'm definitely going to do some searching and check some of these out tonight. :D

    Here's My Top Ten Tuesday!

  3. GUY IN REAL LIFE and ROYALLY LOST almost made my list. They sound super adorable! And I'm hoping PRISONER OF NIGHT AND FOG doesn't disappoint!

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  4. I totally cheated as well by putting On The Fence on my list. But Kasie West is INCREDIBLE, and I have no regrets! And then Claire LaZebnik books are my favorites! You should check out her book The Trouble With Flirting, it's a retelling of Mansfield Park (which isn't too great), but I think it's my favorite of her books - after Epic Fail!

    Hope you get to read all of these books!!

    My TTT

    - Tabitha @ Tabitha's Book Blog

  5. I recently read Shadow and Bone and I loved it. Hope I can read the second one quickly before the last one comes out.
    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday and I hope that you have a great week ahead!

  6. We basically have 90% of the same books on our lists! But what is Girl in Reverse? It sounds amazing and I must read it!
    My TTT

  7. Great list! I completely forgot about Ruin & Rising although I still need to read book two first. I have The Last Best Kiss to read, can't wait to start it as Persuasion is one of my favorite books. Hope you get to read all of these soon and enjoy :)

    My Top Ten Tuesday!

  8. Yes, Ruin and Rising! I still have to read Siege and Storm but it's on my TBR and I plan to get to it soon, so I can read the third book as soon as it comes out. So excited!

    My TTT

  9. Wow, your blog is great! And your template is gorgeous!
    I don't know any of these books, but I'll check them out. My TTT:

  10. I love how you decided to show the books, that was a fantastic idea! I'm very jealous you have a copy of On the Fence, I need a copy of it, I wish I had a copy of it, argh! I hope you love it! Quite a few contemporaries I hadn't really considered up until now on the list, so I'll have to look them out, but good luck with Ruin and Rising, so many people are excited for it, I hope you enjoy the finale :)

    Amanda - Book Badger
    Spring TBR

  11. I definitely need to start reading Shadow & Bone now that Ruin & Rising is gonna come out. Nice list!

    Here's my TTT :D

  12. OH MY GOD. FANCY STAR THINGS. I now want to make these, but it would be copying. THEY ARE SO PRETTY. Especially Ruin and Rising star. *swoons*

    Also, I ALMOST commented anonymously again, but didn't. PRAISE ME.

  13. Rebel I have preordered! I'm also dying to read Ruin & Rising (still trying to decide if I should get it on Kindle or hardback copy) and Prisoner of Night and Fog is one of me very much awaited debuts of the year!

  14. On the Fence! What I Thought Was True! The Last Best Kiss! Guy in Real Life! The Art of Lainey! All books that look amazing! Royally Lost made my list, looking forward to it! Hope you'll love all the books on your TTT! :)

  15. New follower, hi!
    Prisoner Of Night And Fog is at the top of my WANT list so it's really good to hear that you enjoyed what you read. I've been worried that I would be disappointed by it.

    ★ Under The Mountain's TTT ★

  16. Okay I just finished Prisoner of Night and Fog last night and holy crap it was AMAZING! I'm borderline obsessed with it right now. I am currently reading The Art Of Lainey and it is SO adorable.I have Siege and Storm on my list mostly because I have had it for 6 months but have not had the chance to read it despite LOVING Shadow & Bone. On The Fence was amazing, gahhh pretty much everything Kasie West does is AMAZING.Guy In Real Life looks awesome, I'll be reading that one next month. Really looking forward to What I Thought Was True, definitely going to pre-order that one.

    Happy Reading!

  17. RUIN & RISING. I NEED THIS. *breathe*

    Rebel & Prisoner of night and fog sound great too :) I look forward to them, especially since I haven't read many historical fiction books this year.


  18. Guy in Real Life looks so cute. I need to add that one! I still haven't started the Shadow and Bone series, I can't believe the third book is coming out! I am so behind...oh well, great list! Here's my Top Ten.

  19. Your graphics are super pretty! I'm super excited about Broken Hearts, WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUE OMG, and I'm starting The Last Best Kiss in the upcoming week! I'm excited about Royally Lost as well, but I've read some really negative reviews for it so I'm quite nervous about that one.

  20. RUIN AND RISING AND ON THE FENCE! YESSSS. I have an ARC of On the Fence, so I'm definitely going to be reading that at some point in the near future. Maybe next week because I need some more Kasie West in my life. I'm also VERY excited for What I Thought Was True!

  21. Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend, On the Fence and What I Thought Was True all sound super cute, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading them too! I might just have to take the weekend off to read all the contemps ;)

    Also, I have heard of Prison of Night and Fog (which sounds AMAZING) but not Girl in Reverse, which I am now really intrigued by. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy reading! Share some of that warmth with us, would you? :)


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