Saturday, March 8, 2014

Book Haul, or the One With All the Screaming

Sometimes you get those packages in the mail that are filled with so much bookish goodness that you you lose your mind for a second. This was was definitely one of those weeks, as one of my most highly anticipated novels of the year showed up on my doorstep and I made a sound not yet replicated in the natural world! I scared my dog and all my neighbors! Happy early birthday to me!

For review:

From Penguin:

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 What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I screamed and hugged this book and danced in a circle after opening the package. It's so pretty and it's a new Huntley Fitzpatrick book and GAH EXCITEMENT. Look how gorgeous that cover is! Those sunsetty colors, the font, the clouds, the water... Total book lust.

From Edelweiss:


Tabula Rasa by Kristen-Lippert Martin (thanks, Egmont!)

I'm totally over eye covers, especially ones that are not all pretty and fancy like the Shatter Me covers, but this sounds like a cool concept.

Of Monsters and Madness by Jessica Verday (thanks, Egmont!)

Super excited for this one. It feels very of Miss Peregrine's and Masque of the Red Death to me. Like the latter, this is a retelling of an Edgar Allan Poe work. In this instance, it's the poem "Annabel Lee". Hopefully it's full of Gothic awesomeness.

Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid (thanks, Harlequin!)

Yay! I've been looking forward to this one for a long time, because cute blurb plus cute cover equals bookish happiness.

Born of Deception by Teri Brown (thanks, Harper!)

I really enjoyed Born of Illusion, so I've got very high hopes for its sequel.



The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Man, the finished copy of this is ten different kinds of gorgeous. It's totally droolworthy. it's one of those hardbacks that clearly had all the money put into its manufacturing, since the jacket is all soft and matte, but the letters are glossy and metallic, and the pages are deckle-edged. Whenever I pass by this book in my apartment I stroke it.


  1. Ack, so jealous. <3 Getting book mail that you do not order yourself is the best, hih. <3 And Born of Deception! I got that one too. Hope to read pretty soon :) The Winner's Curse. <3 It really is pretty, isn't it? Hope you enjoy everything :)

  2. *joins in with your screaming*

    I WANT WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUE SO BADLY. Is it on Edelweiss? I must hunt it down and request it. I'll just sit myself here and wait for your updates.

  3. I'm happy that you got What I thought was true :D Of monsters and madness looks creepy, I like it. Happy reading!

  4. WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUUUUUUUEEEEE!! I'm doing a happy dance around my living room for you right now (that was half a lie, I'm wiggling around on my couch in an enthusiastic manner that could be construed as dancing without the actual standing up bits)

    I am air, air intrigued by Tabula Rasa (eyeball cover aside, snore)

    HOW GORGEOUS IS THE END PAPER IN THE WINNER'S CURSE (disclaimer, in addition to being a typography nerd, I am also a paper nerd and spend an inappropriate amount of time stroking the luscious softness of those crepe-y, beautiful pages) And the cover and the typesetting and omggggg beautiful book, beautiful, beautiful book.

  5. I TOO AM SCREAMING FOR THIS HAUL!!!!!!!! Huntley Fitzpatrick. HUNTLEY FITZPATRICK. And all the book lovelies, I just can't take the sheer fantasticness of this haul. It's too much for my book-living heart to witness all concentrated in one post AAAHHH! Earth-shattering stack here.

    Happy Reading;)

  6. OMG SHE GOT HUNTLEY FITZPATRICK'S NEW BOOK screamed my head when I saw the thumbnail picture of your post in my dashboard. OMG OMG OMG. I'm SO excited about The Winner's Curse, I'm afraid my hopes already got too high about this book. Let's Get Lost's cover is so adorable, by the way! Love the font and the map in the background.

    Hope you'll enjoy all those books above, G! ;)

  7. WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUE! So entirely, completely, totally jealous! I hope you love it! Also looking forward to seeing what you think of Let's Get Lost. It sounds amazing. :)

  8. I've not heard of What I Thought Was True *hides head in shame* Looks contemp...I don't really do those so that's my excuse. Now, with your excitement over it, I need to go look it up on GR. I loved the Winner's Curse and the book is so lovely. I downloaded Of Monsters and Madness too...looks great!


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