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Movie Mondays: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

BRAND NEW FEATURE ALERT! A month or so ago I did the Top Ten Tuesday topic of books I'd like to see turned into a movie or a TV show. Once I started thinking of books I'd love to see come to life, I couldn't stop. With the release of movies like Catching Fire, Vampire Academy, and Divergent and the upcoming The Giver, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Maze Runner, plus the TV version of The 100, it seems like YA on the big screen is all the rage now (YIPPEE!). With the announcement of the imminent production of an adaptation of Paper Towns, I started thinking of other YA books I'd like to see filmed.

And lo, a new feature was born!

For my Top Ten Tuesday, I decided to go even further and didn't just choose books I'd like to see adapted, but I created posters for them using my Supah Awesome Photoshop Skillz. And then I kept thinking of more books and wanting to create more posters and even cast them in my head. One book in particular is, to me, begging to be put on the big screen. Which book, do you ask?


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The Movie

Cinder by Marissa Meyer!

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Why I chose this to be filmed: Think how gorgeous New Beijing would look brought to life! This series is so cinematic to me, full of clear visuals and a fast-paced, compelling plot. Please, Movie Gods. Make this happen, please. I know my weak use of photoshoppery is not the compelling argument you need, but STILL. Dooooo ittttt.

The Cast

Linh Cinder: Shay Mitchell

Why: Cinder's looks are never fully laid out for us beyond being tanned with brown hair and brown eyes, but in interviews and on Pinterest and other places, I've heard Meyer describe her as being of mixed ancestry. Garan found her as a small girl in Europe, though it's never explained if she looks European or not. To say I had a heck of a time casting Cinder would be an understatement, but I eventually chose Shay because A) I like her on Pretty Little Liars and B) she is of partial Filipino descent, meaning she could conceivably pass as being a citizen of the Eastern Commonwealth.

Plus, I can just picture her being all practical and awesome and Cinderly. Plus she has super shiny hair.

Prince Kai: Joon Ji Hoon

Why: UM, BECAUSE I LOVE HIM DEARLY AND DESPERATELY? I know Prince Kai is most likely of Japanese descent, and Joon Ji Hoon is Korean, but he's been the perfect Kai to me since I swooned over him in Goong/Princess Hours. I mean, he played a crown prince on that show! It's too perfect.

I'm resisting the urge to make this entire post pictures of Joon Ji Hoon and his teddy bear.

Queen Levana: Bipasha Basu

Why: I had noooo idea who to cast as Levana and stole this casting unashamedly from Marissa Meyer's Pinterest. SUE ME. But oh, does she make a perfect and gorgeous evil Lunar queen.

Adri: Joan Chen

Why: Doesn't that pic look so much like a look Cinder's wicked stepmother would give her?

Peony: Xu Jiao

Why: Look at her! Isn't she just the cutest? She'd make an adorable Peony, Cinder's beloved younger stepsister.

Pearl: Jessica Lu

Why: I love her on Awkward, and I feel like she could totally play the stepsister who is less than thrilled by Cinder's presence in her family.

I could not for the life of me cast Dr. Ehrland. Sorry, good doctor. I'm sure the actual Hollywood peeps could do a much better job. And Iko! Sorry, Iko. There is a serious dearth of good robots working in Hollywood nowadays. I'll do better next time. (Insert joke here about how all people in Hollywood are robots blah blah)

So that was the first movie Monday! This may become a bi weekly or weekly thing or just a once in a blue Monday thing.

ETA: Apparently the awesome Jenna at Jenna Does Books has a similar feature and, because the universe is hilarious like this, she brought it back after a year's hiatus today. Click here to check out her casting of Grasshopper Jungle! 


  1. Joan Chen screams Wicked stepmother in that picture! I also like the boy you casted for Kai, but I'm still not sure how I must imagine Cinder. The girl does look like she can kick some butt, so that's good :D

  2. I think it's perfect! :D Especially Shay Mitchell as Cinder

  3. I love this, spot-on casting! And now I'm curious as to who you'd cast for Scarlet and Cress. A Cinder movie would be awesome, just think of the gorgeous scenery!

  4. Now I am thirsting for a Cinder movie! C'mon hollywood peeps, start filming!!! :)

  5. YAY! Look at the distinct lack of white people. If Hollywood casts a bunch of white folks, I will lose my shit. Anyway, I approve. Also, love the idea of your pick for Cinder. And obviously Joo Ji Hoon is the best prince.

    1. ^^^ THIS! Cinder is perfect and for whatever reason I am LOVING your Peony! I'd love to see Thorne and Scarlet and Cress too though!

    2. i agree but i dont like the prince

    3. Neither do I

  6. Yeah, this post is all kinds of awesome. <3 I LOVE the fancasts :D Thank you for sharing sweetie :) I would also love a Cinder movie. So much. <3

  7. i love this feature, such an awesome idea

  8. I love this, all of your choices are totally perfect!!! <3


  10. I adore this feature and I think Hollywood should make this shit happen!

  11. This is a great new feature! I love it and can't wait to see many more. I agree with you that Cinder if done well would be a really cool movie. I also agree with your choice for Cinder, the others I'm not so sure, but that is because I really don't know them.

  12. I love this new feature!! I haven't read Cinder yet, but I'm a huge fan of picking Shay Mitchell for the lead, because it sounds like she fits the part aesthetically and I love her on PLL :) I can't wait to see what you have planned for this feature in the future!

  13. This is such a cool feature! I LOVE the movie poster you made and your pick of Shay Mitchell for Cinder is spot on in my opinion! Shay fits the bill perfectly! Could totally imagine her as Cinder and if maybe one day they do make a movie for this, I'd think I'd be disappointed not to see her in the part!

  14. Can we please discuss how I think your picks for Cinder and Kai are PERFECT? Shay would make a great Cinder. I could see her pulling off Cinder's tough, yet vulnerable self well. But I'd like to focus on Joon Ji Hoon, because he was so WONDERFUL in Princess Hours -- and would be an EXCELLENT Kai, if you ask me!

  15. I LOVE SHAY MITCHELL!!! Ohmigosh, this is one of my most beloved books, EVER. She is just, like, perfect for Cinder. And Joon Ji Hoon?! *swooooon*
    Sigh. I sincerely hope they pick up the movie rights to this book series soon. ;)
    PS. Will you please, PLEASE make a Movie Monday feature on UtNS? Unfortunately I can't think of anyone who would fit my baby Roar perfectly. :(

  16. I LOVE queen Levana, so fierce. Y is there a lack of white people? I like the idea of cinder, but i dont like prince kai very much

  17. NO! Shay Mitchell is not the best choice for Cinder because she looks absolutely NOTHING like Cinder is described - well, she sort of is, but Cinder is supposed to have straight BROWN hair. And Levana doesn't look Levana-y enough. P.S. I would make THE PERFECT SCARLET because I have red, curly hair. But they are LEGIT curls. Plus, Scarlet is my favorite character and I just love her and Wolf!!!

  18. I don't think that Adri looks like Adri should. Adri should look less Asian I think (I'm SUPER sorry if that sounds racist!).

  19. yes yes yes please make this happen

  20. I like the actors, but I think Cinder should be European or something because, according to the book it comes from there


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