Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Book Expo America is upon us! And I am more excited than a puppy with a big bag of treats surrounded by a bunch of other puppies, which is basically what is happening if you turn puppies in to bloggers and books into treats. THERE IS  MUCH AWESOME OCCURRING. My brain is so completely overloaded that I've barely read at all this week, let alone blogged. So I'll be going on sort of hiatus, BUT I'll still be around the interwebs and maybe doing a few things to share the BEA goodness.

I'll be tweeting here and instagramming here all sorts of #BEA14-related pictures and tidbits.

I'll be posting haul vlogs (most likely, unless I collapse from over-stimulation and decide my face is not fit to be seen by the world, which is likely)

THINGS will be given away! (Book-shaped THINGS.)

And for the people who will be at BEA... come say hi! Here are pictures of my face so you can recognize me! The books are great, but honestly, meeting all the internet tweeps is the best part of BEA.

Here is a group picture taken last night at dinner with blogger and authory peeps:

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I am the doofus in the front in the bright blue dress who decided to stick her arm out like she was doing the chicken dance for some ungodly reason. The adorable girl next to me is Rachel from As Told by Rachel. And then in the back, from left to right, is Christina from A Reader of Fictions, Debby from Snuggly Oranges, Lili from Lili's Reflections, Gaby from Queen Ella Bee Reads, Lindsay Ribar, author of The Art of Wishing and the upcoming The Fourth Wish, author Marieke Nijkamp, and Dahlia Adler, author of the upcoming Behind the Scenes, rocking the sassy hot pink pants. Much fun, very madness, good times was had.

And this is what my face looks like on its own! If you see this face (most likely wrought in an expression of joy, stress, or exhaustion), say hi to it! It won't bite.

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Wow, that is so much of my face. Anyway. I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!


    I love your chicken dance arm.

  2. Have fun at BEA...I can totally understand what you mean..

  3. For some really odd reason (probably the cuteness of the group pic) you remind me of IU ( "But I'm not Korean," you might say. I have no explanation, you just do. hahaha

  4. I think you are ADORABLE. I'm so glad that we were able to see each other a few times over the course of BEA week! It's really so much fun to be surrounded by my bookish friends. SO glad you were able to come again!


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