Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sisterhood of the World Blogging Tag

Oh, man, is it the season of blogger tags, or something? It's like a tagapalooza all up in here. I mean, I've been tagged, like... twice. That's... a lot? I don't know. YAY FOR TAGS! I was tagged by Shae at Shae Has Left the Room for the Sisterhood of the Traveling... no, the Sisterhood of the Ya Ya... Sisterhood of the World Book Bloggers Tag? Book Blogging Award? Book... think... Look, I DON'T SPEAK TAG. It's a cool thing, whatever it's called. Someone (in this case, Shae) posts a bunch of fun questions about reading, and you answer them, then tag more people and ask them questions. It's like passing notes across the classroom, or those chain emails or AIM memes-before-memes-were-a-thing. Remember those? ...No? God, I'm ancient.

1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their website.
2. Post the award’s logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions you have been asked.
4. Nominate ten other bloggers and ask them ten other questions.

Shae's questions:

1. What's your favorite age category and genre?

YA, obvs. And my favorite genre by far is fantasy, but I'm kind of a lover of all things. If it's good, I'll like it.

2. If you could erase your memory and read one book again for the first time, which book would it be?

See, now this is a tricky one. My knee-jerk answer is any of the Harry Potter books, but then I thought... you know, reading those books at the time that I did really informed me as a person. Where would I be now if I didn't have bossy know-it-all bookworm Hermione showing bossy know-it-all bookworm Gillian how to grow up and defeat evil? Would I be a different person if my brain weren't 37% Harry Potter trivia? I don't think I want to meet this parallel world AlternaGillian. 

3. If you could physically force everyone on Earth to read one book, what would it be?

At the risk of sounding repetitive, Harry Potter. All seven count as one book, okay? And yes, I realize that society has already beat me to the punch with the whole forcing-everyone-on-Earth-to-read-it thing, but there are outliers (you know who you are) AND THEY MUST BE STOPPED. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

4. What was your nonfiction reading obsession as a kid?

HA. I spy a Gillian-tailored question, Shae, you minx. History was my jam, European in general and British specifically. I was ALL about the Tudors (Henry VIII's court and young Elizabeth in particular) and the Romanovs (Nicholas, Alexandra, OTMA, and Alexei in particular. I was all about the dead royals, especially if they died tragically and/or had lots of jewels.

5. If you could live (not visit, LIVE) in any other country except the one you live in now, which country would it be and why?

ENGLAND. Part of me says France, but my French is wayyyy rusty and I'd just embarrass myself and Etienne is taken, so obvs I must live in England, my ancestral and spiritual home. I will even drink hot leaf water for tea you, beloved England. That's how much I wish to be one with you. (Actually, because I grew up reading so much BritLit, I sometimes spell words the British way instead of the American--travelling, manoeuvre, etc--and then Microsoft Word gets made at me and I curse my nationality.)

6. If you could meet one LIVING author, who would you choose.

The queen. Obviously.

7. If you could meet one DEAD author, who would you choose?

The queen. Obviously.

8. If you could make one (ONE!) book boyfriend real, who would it be?

why do you hate me

9. Name one weird and/or random thing that can be found in your room.


Juuuuuust kidding. Um... *glances around* I actually... well, I have a wedge of cheese on my bedside table at present. An actual entire wedge of cheese. That's uncommon.

10. Describe an instance in which you were a reading/blogging black sheep. 

Um...hmm. Well, I DNFed The Fifth Wave back when it was a super buzzy ARC. And now look--it's becoming a movie! Probably my doing.

Ooookay, now's the part where I spread the tag to ten more victims.

But You Are the Chosen Ones:

Christina @ A Reader of Fictions, Meg @ Cuddlebuggery, Debby @ Snuggly Oranges, Gaby @ Bookish Broads, any of the lovely ladies @ Great Imaginations, Angie @ Disquietus Read, Judith @ Paperiot, Amber @ Books of Amber, Jessie @ Ageless Pages, and YOU, whoever you are. I choose YOU, Aladdin!

And here are my questions, which took longer for me to come with than it took me to answer mine above:

1. Which book do you own the most copies of or authors do you own the most books from?
2. What book(s) do you think deserves more hype?
3. *whistles innocently* Seen any good TV lately?
4. Do you have any secret talents or quirks?
5. What was your favorite book of the last month?
6. How did you start reading YA?
7. What food are you craving right this minute?
8. What's your Hogwarts House and why?
9. If you could make any fictional animal your pet, who would it be?
10. What's your superpower? (Not which one do you want, but which one do you have?)


  1. You have an entire wedge of cheese on your bedside table. Omg. Marry me?

    Hot leaf water - forever lol.

    YOU TAGGED ME AHHHHHH jk, cool, I shall do this I suppose. *eyes question 3* hmph.

  2. I cackled when I wrote #8 and thought of you, ngl. :D

  3. Your answers to 6 & 7 could not be more perfect. Also, my nonfiction and your nonfiction obsession are preeetty much the same - dead royals with sparklies is always good for a read.

  4. This was really fun!! I look forward to reading the tags!

  5. This is a fun tag! I'm going to answer some of your questions because I feel like it and I'm procrastinating: 1. I only own up to 2 copies of certain books, but the author I own the most books from is my favorite one, Nicholas Sparks! I own and love all 18 of his books! 2. All of Morgan Matson's books!! More people need to read them and talk about them! 5. Fave book of October was my reread of the Guardian by Nicholas Sparks.... followed by Open Road Summer! 6. I started really getting more into YA because of the online book community! 8. Ravenclaw because Pottermore said so... but I feel I'm more of a hufflepuff because I'm nice haha! 9. Ruby the baby elephant from the One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate because BABY ELEPHANT. 10. My superpower is procrastionation :P that was fun thanks!

  6. HAHAH I love your history answer! "Lots of jewels." I've always been obsessed with England since I was a kid, I'd totes move there too and luckily I already like hot leaf water ;) Yessss meeting The Queens! Perfect. I don't know how anyone could expect you to pick one book boyfriend. Hardest choice everrrr.

    Harry Potter for every question, always.

    Turn to page three hundred and.... ninety................four.

  7. LOL! We're a package deal! I did mine, but I just loved that you tagged me, and I want to answer your questions! I might have a repeat!

    Also, The Fifth Wave was just meh, don't feel bad about that. ;)

    If I had to wipe my memory and reread a series and/or book, I would have to go with Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

    Wedge of cheese. Best quote of the night.

  8. "HA. I spy a Gillian-tailored question, Shae, you minx. History was my jam, European in general and British specifically. I was ALL about the Tudors (Henry VIII's court and young Elizabeth in particular) and the Romanovs (Nicholas, Alexandra, OTMA, and Alexei in particular. I was all about the dead royals, especially if they died tragically and/or had lots of jewels."

    I hope you know that, had we met as children/tweens, we would have bonded over a mutual love of Harry Potter and all things Romanov. Just saying ;)


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