Thursday, December 19, 2013

20 Signs You're From the Harry Potter Generation

It's nearly the holidays, and it's nothing but busy, busy, busy over at Writer of Wrongs. In fact, I'm on a plane RIGHT NOW, flying across the country! Because of that, I'd thought we'd take a break and have some Harry Potter fun.

20 Signs You're From the Harry Potter Generation

1. If something is across the room, and you're too lazy to pick it up, you try to accio it.

2. You're convinced that your Hogwarts letter simply got lost in the mail. It's coming one day. It's totally just on its way. It's a fact. IT HAS TO BE.

3. Whenever you do something embarrassing, you have the urge to point in the face of whoever witnessed it and shout, "OBLIVIATE!" (You don't, though, because that would be weird).

4. You're pretty sure you know what your Patronus would be.

5. You have used the pun "Siriusly" multiple times in your life. You have never regretted it.


6. In fact, you've been known to let out a Fleury of Krummy puns. You'll Neville stop. The puns have Ron away with you.


7. You have really good "Where I was when I finished HP7" stories. In fact, you know exactly where you were for each release, and how long it took you to read each doorstop book.

8. Whenever you're stuck in traffic, you dream about what it would be like to Apparate.

9. You must own every single edition with every single new cover and every single new illustration and also the textbooks and Beedle the Bard and where the WIZARD GOD is that encyclopedia we were promised, J.K.???

10. You knew which House you were in way before Pottermore came around.

11. You are deeply suspicious of rats. And chess. And men in lime green bowler hats.

12. You and your best friend tried to write your own edition of Witch Weekly in the third grade. (Oh. Was that one just me? Well. I did that. YOU'RE JEALOUS.)

13. If the Ministry came up to you right now and forced you to take your O.W.L.s., you'd ace them. Why yes, I DO know you should never offer milk to a Knarl and where bezoars come from. Yes I do.

14. You hate this woman more than any other being on earth.

15. Part of you thinks every book you ever read post-HP is poorly plotted, because, I mean, LOOK WHAT JK DID.

16. Mirrors give you a lot of feelings, both Erised and Two-Way. (THE MIRROR AT THE END OF OotP THOUGH COME ONNNNN WHY WIZARD GOD WHY)

17. You can recite the opening line of Sorceror's Stone by memory.

18. The main reason you wish to procreate is so you can read HP to your offspring (and name them after HP characters, deceased or not).

19. If they say they don't like it and don't wish to continue, you will tell them that Voldemort only kills the children with poor literary taste.

20. Always.


  1. Yes yes yes yes yessssssssssss! This made my day and it's only 9am. That's what Harry Potter things tend to do because they are THE BEST EVER. I'm pretty sure my family hid my Hogwarts letter because they were jealous of me. Siriusly, they all want to be a witch like meeee. WHEN I FINISHED HP7 I was in bed, crying, and it was the day it came out at midnight because I obviously couldn't stop reading. Also, I went to buy my copy in a Hogwarts costume. Be jealous. And yes, I can recite most of book 1's first chapter, actually. In Dutch, though. If my future children hate Harry Potter - NO WAIT. I can't think about that. That will not happen, as it is impossible.


  3. THIS IS AWESOME! Buzzfeed-worthy, if I may say so. And, yeah, I do remember where I was when I finished HP7. It was my first real book hangover that I remember, where I couldn't stop thinking about it. (SNAPEEEEEEE)

  4. OH MY GOD. This is the best thing ever. Yes, EVER. I have totally fantasized about reading my HP books to my future unborn children, just a few days ago I was stroking the lovely new boxed set of HP books at the store and! When HP7 came out it was the summer I was working at camp as a camp counselor and had NO time to read. I had my preordered copy arrive at camp for me and would read it during my 1 hour breaks (I only got 1 per day). I'd threaten my campers with clean up duty if they so much as spoiled a single word of HP7 and when I finished it, I was sitting on the floor of our staff kitchen (only quiet area) quietly crying. Yeah, it's a pretty pathetic image but I remember all this VIVIDLY. I also would run out of our cabin if the campers started talking about the book. Omg. #20. Let me go cry now.

  5. Aaaaah that last one! CRYING. But yeah, this post is the best <3 #15 is SO true, is it possible to still have a book hangover because HP was so good??

  6. OHMYGODD this is the best post ever :') Actually tearing up reading it. Especially that last one! And I agree with SO MANY of these. My friends and I used to even role-play Harry Potter gen 2, where we'd make up stories with their kids going to Hogwarts (I was James Potter xD)
    Gahh I miss these books so much. Need a re-read ASAP! Such an amazing post, Gillan <3 <3

  7. YES!! And now I'm wondering if I should re-read the books or listen to the audiobooks read by Stephen Fry again...
    What an awesome post!

  8. 1. Haha, sometimes I'm almost embarrassed for trying. BUT HEY, A GIRL MUST HAVE DREAMS.
    2. I think it's because I'm INT. My owl got lost, but he will find the way.
    3. I sometimes say it in my head.
    4. Yes. I hope it would be a phoenix <3
    5. Bahaha, I still use it. Not many people get it. #noregrets
    6. LOVE <3
    8. Hell yes, how awesome would that be?
    9 .I'm DROOLING over the new released HP box set. Gorgeous. I already own two. Hmmm. Never enough!
    10. Ravenclaw all the way.
    13. Of course! We are clever.
    14. Hahaha. It's so strange that everyone hates her more than Voldemort, but she is a different kind of evil.
    15. YES.
    17. I can recite many lines <3
    18. I want to name my children after them, but my boyfriend won't let me :( I'm so going to buy a cat, so I can name at least someone 'Severus'
    19. OH, that's what I'm going to do.
    20. Always. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo with this word. So powerful and filled with memories <3


  9. (to the tune of ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ or ‘Oh Tannebaum’ for the international crowd)
    Oh Gillian, Oh Gillian, you are by far the most brillian………t
    Your posts do so delight me.
    I don't know where I'm going with this.
    So now I'll stop, but Gillian, please know that you're the beeeeesst.
    (nobody said I’d be good at this and you know my stance on Christmas carols)

    Seriously though, love everything about this. Also, TRUTH (especially in regards to Umbridge). Your punning is magnificent (as always) and I have occasionally found myself muttering, okay shouting, HP spells aloud because as everyone knows, I am unapologetically weird.

    True facts: the Snape image at the end makes me tear up a bit because 1. ALWAYS and 2. This will be me.

    Mainly my heart is bursting.

    The hubs and I were just raving about this series for the 1000th time on the way to the grocery store last weekend because we wanted to apparate and then we talked about how it's the best series of all time and why that is and even TALKING about it got me so emotional I started to cry. I JUST CAN'T. So perfect.

    Also I always like to throw it in people's faces that I knew Snape was good. I KNEW IT, WORLD.

    And nothing, NOTHING, destroyed me like the mirror at the end of OotP. Not any of the deaths compare to that. I was crushed beyond recognition.

    Finally, I am interested in your copy of Witch Weekly.

  11. I already told you this morning that I cried reading this. And after rereading it 15+ times today I get SO choked up at the last GIF. For reasons that should be obvious. Snape was ALWAYS my favorite character. I always thought he was a good guy even when all of my friends & family were adamant that he was evil.

    I will never recover from this series.

    "After all this time?"

    *Cue the violent sobs*

  12. Love this. So true. For always. I need to do a reread soon. Life it too short NOT to.

  13. This post made me sniffle a little. *hugs* I can definitely relate to a lot of this. I laughed and squeed reading this post!

  14. Love this post, it's SO PERFECT! I do have stories for each book! I'm a founding member of this generation! The only book I didn't read as soon as it was released was Sorcerer's Stone, but I did find it about 3 months after. Gosh I love them so much. I even have a contingency plan for making my future kids read HP. If they don't discover them on their own, I will give each child their own 7 book set for their 11th birthday. I almost want to fast forward 12 years just so I can do that hahah. And YES WIZARD GOD WHERE IS THE ENCYCLOPEDIA?! Pottermore doesn't count!! Your post really makes me want to reread them over Christmas, I'm due :) And your puns are Golden (snitch! It doesn't work but let's pretend it does!). Always.

  15. All of this is SO TRUE. I especially love that first image/graphic. I've never even seen that before!
    And even when I'm not stuck in traffic, I dream of what it would be like to apparate. Especially to avoid pesky weather conditions or long distances separating family and friends. :)

  16. YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE. I just LOVE the Harry Potter series, and always will. I try to push it on all my little siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews -- pretty much every single person I CAN push it on. It's one of the series I'll pass on to my own kids one day, and I hope they are as OBSESSED with it as I am!

  17. This is such a good post. I checked off yes for almost all of those for myself.

  18. Fantastic post! I did not grow up with Harry Potter. I am a later in life reader of the series. But I am in love with it.
    14 - absolutely. I think even Voldemort would want her dead for her own evilness.
    15 - Yes, yes, yes
    18 - while not the reason we decided to have children, I cannot wait to read these books to them.
    20 - Always. =)


    1. & 8. I may or may not try to use accio to get things pretty often. Just yesterday I was telling my husband that I really wish I could apparate like in Harry Potter so I wouldn't have to drive to work in icky weather.
    2.My Hogwarts letter did really get lost in the mail. I'm serious.
    5. My husband and I do the siriusly thing all the time. :)
    9. I just received the new HP paperback set for Christmas and I hugged it and petted it and it was awesome.
    14. She is and will always be the worst villain and the one I hate most.
    18. This is a true story...I even want a HP nursery but my husband said no. lol Until then I plan to get me nieces to read these wonderful books.
    20. Always.

  20. Yesssss to this entire post! My Hogwarts letter DEFINITELY got lost in the mail. But that could also be because my best friend and I "trained" for when we would be called to become part of the Sailor Scouts, so, you know. It could have confused the poor owl! *Shrugs it off* I actually just took this cool Harry Potter quiz and it asked what your Patronus would be. It gave four options and this one just stuck with me. It felt RIGHT. So, definitely going with that *Nods* Oh, it was a Fox, btw. Love! I totally remember where I was when I finished Book 7! I also remember going to the midnight release parties for books 4-7! Great memories! *Sniffles* Well, according to the quiz I took, I'm a Gryffindor! Which I won't argue with. At all. No author or book can ever live up to the world building of JK Rowling and Harry Potter. Never ever. I'm DEFINITELY going to read HP to my kids! They must know of the awesome! And yes, agreed, I'll still be reading HP when I'm 80!

    Awesome, amazing post! LOVE!


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