Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Links

Because that's just the way I operate, my busiest week ever in terms of blog traffic was also one of my laziest in terms of actual, you know, BLOGGING. I've got a ton of reviews coming up, though, so stay tuned. But for now, it's the weekend! Let's procrastinate!

Here's a roundup of what I posted this week:

I finally read Divergent!

I listed ten of the amazing 2013 debuts I'm most looking forward to.

I read and reviewed Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally.

Bookish and non-bookish articles I thought you might procrastinate with enjoy:

Vote for your favorite Teen Book at! (via Teenreads)

The Ten Most Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2013 (I plan to see them all) (via Publisher's Weekly)

15 Perfect Tea and Book Pairings! (via Epic Reads)

Ten Literary Board Games for Book Nerds, who I can safely assume includes all of you (via Flavorwire)

Were YOU at the Evening for Awesome with Hank and John Green? If so, don't even look at me, because I am way too jealous for polite conversation. (via the Atlantic Wire)

The New York Times did a profile on Lois Lowry, one of my favorite childhood authors (via NYT)

You know that horrible feeling where you can't quite find the right word, and it's just on the tip of your tongue, but for the LIFE OF YOU you just can't grasp it? THERE'S A WEBSITE FOR THAT.

Yes, this is an old link, but fabulous author Gwenda Bond does semi-weekly link roundups as well, and I was perusing hers when I saw... well... see if you can't spot a certain link to a certain blog (via Gwenda Bond and my shameless bragging)

Fifteen Undeniable Truths about Book Nerds (via Epic Reads)

And finally, a blog that teaches you how to make drinks found in Dickens novels. Punch! Hot toddies! Caudle? In which the main ingredient is... gruel? Still sounds fun! (via Drink like the Dickens!)

A few of the giveaways floating around the blogosphere:

Mine! I'm giving away a mystery box of awesome, any 2013 release you want, and any book I reviewed in 2012!

Making the Grade is having so many enormous giveaways that I'm weak with book lust.

And here are just LINKS. Straight up LINKS to fabulous prizes. So follow them!

Have a good weekend, everybody!


  1. Woot! You go...neat that you were linked. That's awesome. Lots of great links this week!

  2. The tip of my tongue. THE TIP OF MY TONGUE!!!! Why did I not know of this website? WHY?! Lol, thank you for enlightening me.

    Also, I just wanted to say that this blog is awesome. I subscribe to a lot of blogs, but there are only a few I can really invest time in. This is one of them. Not only is it easy on the eyes and pleasingly pretty, but your reviews are neither overly long and complicated, nor are they overly short and simple. The gifs, while incredibly entertaining, also do a great job of breaking up the text to it doesn't feel daunting to sit down and read what you have to say. Basically, this is me pushing my "like" button, lol.

    1. This is me getting all awkwardly emotional and touched and saying "I LIKE YOU TOO" and running away because social situations frighten me. But thank you :)

    2. LOL, you're welcome, and I know the feeling. The internet is a blessed, blessed place for a ridiculously shy person like myself.

  3. I love it how instead of doing my work I just put it off to check out all the awesome links. In the end it's all good because I definitely enjoyed myself


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