Saturday, April 12, 2014

Book Haul, or the One With the Pretty Typography

Small haul this week, but one of my favorites! Lot's of very pretty, very strokeable books. Watch to see which Disney character I accidentally quote, which author I get all Swimfan over, and to hear my dog make well-timed sound effect. Oh, and I almost knock my book stacks over again.

For review from Penguin Teen:

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

Birthday presents!

From Kara at Great Imaginations:

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira

From Christianna at The White Unicorn:

The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas

Thank you so much, Kara and Christianna!


  1. OMG you quoted STITCH! Loveeeeeee. You are welcome! Someone needs bookshelves, STAT. :D:D

  2. I hope to get love letters to the dead soon . Happy reading

  3. I really enjoyed Love Letters to the Dead. <3 Happy reading Gillian :)

  4. Great haul! I love the cover of The Assassins Blade. So beautiful. Enjoy them all and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  5. OMG your vlog is so funny! I laughed so much when you were creepy and then almost knocked over all your books!

  6. Hahahahaha, Ginger was complaining because she wasn't on screen!
    Such lovely books! Happy reading, Gillian!

  7. HI GILLIAN HI I'M FINALLY BACK IN A COUNTRY WITH FULL ACCESS TO THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH AKA THE INTERNET SO I WATCHED THIS. Obviously. Don't interpret this as me hitting on you - or, you know, do take (oo-er) it as that, because you birthdayed (HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY!!) recently and also this is your blog and the combination of those two makes that you can do whatever the hell you want with the words written on here and holy shit whoa run-on sentences for the win, I guess - but you look amazing! Maybe it's that special glow only 23-year-olds seem to have. LUCKY YOU.


    YOU HAVE TWO COPIES OF CRESS? Sorry, looking at your stacks (and somehow this still sounds extremely dirty to me. Brain, stahp it.)

    AAAAHHH all the amazing books this week. Yes, this haul is truly excellent. Love Letters to the Dead typography! That will never not be the Paper Riot font to me. And superyes to Everything Leads to You because it sounds amazing and all the lesbian ships foreverrrrr.

    Heehee, I don't think your little fangirling session was that bad/embarrassing. I did do a double take when I saw the stack of SJM books, but then I remembered I have doubles (and sometimes even triples) of the Lumatere and DoSaB books, so. AGAIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LOOK FAB I AM BACK THAT IS ALL.


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