Saturday, June 22, 2013

Book Haul Vlog (3)

Once again, Ginger does her best to steal the show (and eat the books), but I get a few words in there somewhere. Good arrivals this week! (Also: freeze frame. Thanks, Youtube.)

Insomnia by J.R. Johansson
The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
(here's the cover for Split Second!)
The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

 InvisibleSince You AskedPrep School Confidential

Invisible by Marni Bates
Since You Asked by Maurene Goo
Prep School Confidential by Kara Taylor

ETA: OOPS! I forgot a book.

 Taste Test

Taste Test by Kelly Fiore
My bloggy friend Blythe started this book and loved the beginning, and since she was raving about it and it's about a TELEVISED COOKING COMPETITION and I am a TopChef SUPERFAN, I was like, yes. Must have. Unfortunately, the book then took a serious swerve into the awful, according to Blythe, and that makes me nervous. But I'll check it out, and hopefully I'll like it more than she did!


  1. "I suppose you could like pee on me or something."


    Ginger is adorable. I will get to pet her and hug her. YAY!

    WAIT! It's billed as Pretty in Pink meets P&P? WHATTTT? I'm reading this soon. We should readalong!

  2. New follower via bloglovin. Ginger seems like she wants the spotlight. Awesome books. Love when publishers send finished copies. Such a great haul. Come visit mine as well.


  3. You and your dog are adorbs. :) So happy it got there okay! Congrats again on winning! :)

  4. HI YOU! HI PUPPY! HI YOU! See, I say no, but I read.

  5. Omg, I love your dog!( I should totally spam you with pics on twitter of my dog :p). Great books this week! I also received Taste Test and Since You Asked and I'm excited to see how they go!

    Great vlog!

  6. The School for Good and Evil looks awesome! I don't think I've ever really heard anything about it before, but I'm gonna go add it!
    My STS

  7. First of all I LOVE YOUR DOG!!! She's soooo cute!! And second of all nice book haul!! Taste Test looks really good and I read Invisible a week ago and It was great!

  8. Awww. Your dog is adorable.
    Soooo excited for The Distance Between us. Congrats on snagging a copy. I got Since You Asked this week, too. I'm excited to started. Prep School Confidential looks great, too. Happy reading!
    Natflix&Books' StS

  9. Aww, Ginger is so cute! I want to pet her now. *reaches through screen* ANYWAY. I'm so jealous that you have The School for Good and Evil! I saw a beautiful finished copy of that one and I WANT IT. Hope you enjoy it! :)

  10. PUPPY!!! And also, I love the books. =)


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